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Worthing Naked Bike Ride 2018

We were delighted last year with the success of Worthing’s first edition of the World Naked Bike Ride. Thank you to everyone for their support in making it happen and for taking part in an international movement which promotes cycling, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and positive body image. Locally Worthing has the perfect conditions for cycling and there are serious messages that we will continue to campaign on and highlight the vulnerability of cyclists in and around our town.

You'll notice an absence in this years summer diary, but we are absolutely committed to delivering the 2nd edition in 2018. We’ve unfortunately had to postpone for a year as life events for the three co-organisers got in the way - all of which related to supporting Worthing’s community in a positive way - reopening Coast Café, delivering the Last Fisherman Standing, We are FoodPioneers and Geminate ll Projects and congratulations to Adam who just become a dad.

In the lead up to 2018 we will continue to call on the council to develop a comprehensive, funded cycling strategy to address the lack of investment in cycling infrastructure, introducing measures to reduce the number of killed and seriously injured cyclists, increase opportunities to promote the well-being and social benefits of cycling for all ages and as a healthy, sustainable, clean and enjoyable means of transport.

So the 2018 Worthing Naked Bike Ride needs you! We would like to involve more people next time and make it an even bigger and better community owned event, we want to be on the front wheel for next year. How can you help? Are you a group or individual, would you like to co-organise, campaign ride ‘Bare as you Dare’ on the day or offer your self up as volunteer. Drop us a line we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at worthingnakedbikeride@gmail.com or via the FB page Worthing Naked Bike Ride. Wishing you a happy summer everyone All the best from Worthing NBR

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