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Media Information

This page contains information for representatives of the press, radio and TV.

For interviews/questions please use individual press contacts listed at the bottom of the page.

As the ride is a fast moving event, we recommend that press "embed" themselves in the ride. We can put you in contact with robust rickshaw pedicabs that can carry you along with the ride (at a modest fee). You won't be required to strip off, and you'll be able to truly experience/film the ride as it happens. Please get in touch.

We welcome all press to attend the World Naked Bike Ride events in the UK, but most rides require that press comply with the ride's local photography policy (see London for an example policy).

Interviews Available

We have riders of various backgrounds available for interview before, during and after the ride. There are press contacts for each ride who have lists of riders available for interview.

Quotes Available

We have a selection of quotes available for press use. These include quotes related to controversy over planned nudity at the 2007 Brighton ride. Note: the Police eventually allowed nudity at the 2007 event, and this controversy is now over. Click here to view all quotes for the press from WNBR supporters and riders.

Some Of Our Press Releases

Although we try to update this as soon as possible, the latest press releases can normally be viewed at our online Press Office at the Press Dispensary. Always get our latest press release, by adding our RSS newsfeed feed - http://www.pressdispensary.co.uk/rssfeed/q99432/rss.xml.

Free Photos Available to selected press

Photography of the ride is encouraged (but it must comply with the photography policy of the individual ride (for example, see London for their policy). We can supply hi-definition digital photos of previous rides suitable for publication in the press. There are a handful of photos available to the press at our Press Dispensary Image Library. For a more complete collection of images available, visit our dedicated page for Press Photos here. You can view thumbnails of these images but you will need to obtain a username and password from one of the press contacts before you can download the high-resolution versions. We also have a collection of photos of the 2008 London ride images at the London Photo Team 2008 page - again, contact us (or the photographer in question) for permission to use these photos (high resolution versions are available).

Professional Photos

Ramon Andarias took amazing photographs of the London Naked Ride event 2008. you can see the photographs here!!

Mike King took some of the best photos of previous London rides. Examples of these photos are at here. Phone Mike at 07973 303707.

Alex Newstead has taken excellent photos of the Southampton ride 2008. Examples are shown here. Contact Alex on 07826 140325.

light touch photography by Scott Hortop has libraries for several UK rides here.

Further photos are available via the following commercial photo agencies:

Search for the city you wish to find photos for plus "naked" + "bike" + "ride"

Digital Video Available in PAL and NTSC

PAL Digital Video footage of the London 2005 ride is available in the UK from documentary filmmaker Johnny Zapatos (High Altitude Films). Zapatos has a DV tape with highlights from the ride. He can be reached for footage or interview at info [at] highaltitudefilms.tv and 0786 644 6786.

Johnny Zapatos' documentary film can be viewed at You Tube.

NTSC Digital Video footage of the 2005 London ride is available from Keith Roberson in the USA. Examples of footage are available in this downloadable 8 MB Quicktime movie file. All footage is available on miniDV tape in Tallahassee, Florida USA. Contact Keith if you are interested in purchasing footage for broadcast +1 (850) 383 9824 keith [at] art.fsu.edu

Indecent Exposure to Cars (2007) The World Naked Bike Ride movie by Conrad Schmidt (1:00:45) on YouTube

Video channel available on Vimeo.

Transport for Media use

If you a looking to cover (film or photograph) the ride itself. Cycle taxis/pedicabs can be booked from *Eco Chariots:. Each chariot can take two passengers and any gear thay may have. That way it’s possible to be a part of the event and report on it as it happens. 020 7207 3435. Other operators of pedal chariots can be hired for the afternoon by negotiation.

Previous Protests

Protests during 2013 took place at:

Protests that took place during 2012 were:

Protests that took place during 2011 were:

  • Brighton & Hove (12 June 2011, assemble from 12pm for a 1.30pm departure - TBC)
  • Bristol (Sunday 19 June 2011 - assemble from 11am for a 1.30pm departure, the Full Moon Pub, Stokes Croft)
  • Cardiff (Saturday 11 June 2011, assemble 3pm for a 4pm departure Park Place rear of National Museum)
  • Edinburgh (Saturday 11 June 2011, 3pm Middle Meadow Walk - TBC)
  • Exeter (New Ride) (Saturday 11 June 2011, assemble 10am at Duckes Marsh for a 12 noon departure)
  • London (Saturday 11 June 2011, assemble 3pm for a 3.30pm departure - TBC)
  • Manchester (Friday 3 June 2011, assemble from 6pm for a 7pm departure - TBC)
  • Portsmouth (Friday 10 June 2011, assemble from 11.30am for a Noon departure)
  • Sheffield (Saturday 18 June 2011, TBC)
  • Southampton (Friday 10 June 2011 assemble from 6pm for a 6.30pm departure)
  • York (Saturday 4 June 2011, assemble from 4pm for a 5pm departure - just south of Millennium Bridge on the Fulford side)

Protests that took place during 2010 were:

In 2009, these were the UK rides.

  • Friday 12 June from 17:00 - York (100 riders took part)
  • Friday 12 June from 18:00 - Manchester (100 riders took part)
  • Friday 12 June from 18:00 - Southampton (150 riders took part)
  • Saturday 13 June from 15:00 - London (1,200 riders took part - largest ever daytime ride)
  • Saturday 13 June from 15:00 - Cardiff (62 riders took part)
  • Saturday 13 June from 10:00 - Sheffield (18 riders took part)
  • Sunday 14 June from 12:00 - Brighton (700 riders took part)

The following rides took place on 13 June 2009 as spontaneous, self-organised rides (no formal planning or leafleting):

The first WNBR in the UK was in London in 2004, when 56 protesters rode around Hyde Park.

Other UK towns with plans to hold a ride include:

Ecological Companies That Support The Ride

  • Eco Chariots: rickshaw/pedicabs and cycle taxi hire services supporting cycling events (020 7207 3435)
  • ZERO Couriers - Couriering goods of all kinds by bike (020 7637 4004)
  • Bug Bugs - a bike taxi service (020 7620 0500)
  • Green Tomato Cars - West end cab service in a hybrid Prius car (0208 748 8881)

Other companies/organisations that have contacted us in support

  • Rajeev Singh, from techBULLsolution Ltd (05-Mar-2015)
  • Uthara Print, Sarah Fox (Manchester) (19-Feb-215)
  • Amelie Jones, Create Vwe Designs Limited (13-Feb-2015)
  • Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., San Daigo (21-Nov-2014)
  • Paul Lauener, (22-12-2013)
  • Stink Digital, Marilyn Napaul (on behalf of Ray-ban) (16-Apr-2014)
  • The Cinnamon Club (08-Mar-2010)

Contact Us

For photos from past rides or to schedule interviews with riders, please contact a member of the UK wide WNBR press team:

Press Office
londonpress [at] wnbr.org.uk
020 3393 7408

Ronnie Basson (WNBR Cardiff Coordinator)
sharon.basson [at] googlemail.com Tel: 07880 854678

Duncan Blinkhorn (WNBR Brighton ride co-ordinator)
brighton [at] worldnakedbikeride.org
Tel: 07944 152706

Seán (Manchester ride co-ordinator)
fittonsean [at] yahoo.co.uk
07906 086 128 or from outside the UK call (+44) 7906 086 128

Jonathan Zapatos (video available at standard broadcast rate of £350 per minute used - filmed 2005 ride documentary "World Naked Bike Ride")
info [at] highaltitudefilms
0786 644 6786