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The template expects one unnamed parameter with the day of the month and the name of month, both in the format as for ride locations on the List of rides. If not yet having been announced before, the day of the month, and even the month (thus this parameter), can be omitted. The template will add the year '2020' automatically.

An optional named parameter is 'Type=' and should contain with capitalization as here shown, one of the following:

i.e. there might still be a ride in 2020 (Corona measures and by then the climate still permitting)
Example:{{Evading covid|9 Jun|Type=POSTPONED}}
Up front of the ride location line, put Committed to ride by {‍{Ride status tab - Committed to ride}‍}
i.e. the organizers already decided that there will be no ride in 2020
Example:{{Evading covid|9 Jun|Type=CANCELLED}}
Up front of the ride location line, put Cancelled by {‍{ Ride status tab - Cancelled}‍}
Up front As soon as the date for 2021 is published however, put {‍{Ride status tab - Committed to ride}‍}

Without a 'Type=' parameter, the default will become shown:

    Example:{{Evading covid|9 Jun}}
Up front of the ride location line, put Assumed to repeat by {‍{Ride status tab - Assumed to repeat}‍}
Up front As soon as a new date is published however, put {‍{Ride status tab - Committed to ride}‍}, and also:
Up front if still in 2020, in the template add '|Type=POSTPONED', if later add '|Type=CANCELLED'.

This template should be called twice:
• from the List of rides on the line for the relevant ride location, immediately behind ': '
• from (a spot of your choice) within the page to which that ride location name links. This ensures it to be categorized as 'Category:2020 evading covid', which is a special sub-category of Category:2020 ride locations. Only this call may pass the day and month in some odd format (e.g. Saturday, the 9th of June), to match this ride location page's style.

Note for general editors of this World Naked Bike Ride wiki: This template should be modified by the end of 2020, so as to fit moving all its calls on the List of rides to the right, within the {‍{Previous rides}‍}, which template modification must ensure maintaining a layout that can not disturb each relevant ride location page, which must keep its call of the template for proper categorization.