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Date: Saturday 12 July 2014
Time: 12:00pm assembly, for 1:00pm departure
Location: Myrtle Edwards Park, south end, just past the Olympic Sculpture Park, off the Elliott Bay Trail

Thanks Kelly and Jenna! Our first World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Seattle event of the year is scheduled for Saturday, July 12, 2014!. This is our WNBR Seattle Downtown Daylight Ride 2014. 2014 marks the eleventh year (since 2004) that Seattle will be staging WNBR events. This ride will be pretty much the same as 2013. Due to the public nature of the beach area at the Sculpture Park, we need to stay covered until close to ride time. Just be discreet.

Things to Know

Wear clothes before and after the ride

While we encourage riders to "bare as you dare", nudity is not required or expected. Just come ride with us dressed for fun and spread cheer and inspire others with our pro-cycling message! You are always allowed to strip down as much as you like, when you feel comfortable. A swimsuit or undies are recommended if you want to go in the water without being naked. Remember, nude is not lewd! Looking for ideas? See some examples on our international WNBR Flickr photo group.

Body paint and supplies will be provided for quick painting of slogans. Also, WNBR slogan signs and flags will be available for those wishing to attach them to their bikes. However, since this is a grassroots, collaborative, D.I.Y. event, you may bring your own body paint (and supplies), creative wearable art, musical instruments and bike art supplies as you wish. Things can go much smoother when you bring your friends to help out! Tell them to bring their bikes and they might even ride along with you! Here are some body art resources to consider. Keep in mind the limited time for painting before we ride at 1pm.

As always, the latest scoop on the WNBR Seattle rides can be found here on our WNBR Seattle Wiki Website.

The WNBR Downtown Seattle Daylight Ride start location is just beyond Olympic Sculpture Park at the south end of Myrtle Edwards Park, featuring a sandy shoreline + a sweeping view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains! (Please refer to Olympic Sculpture Park Map). The address of Olympic Sculpture Park is 2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121.

Ride Starts at 1:00 PM!

The Ride Starts at 1:00 PM!! The ride will be an amazing tour of the urban core of Seattle! We will go along the Central Waterfront, which now through Pioneer Square, Downtown, Pike Place Farmer's Market, the Pike/Pine Corridor, Belltown and the Seattle Center International Fountain (video).

Please bring a creative minimum amount of clothing for the ride (undies, loincloth, sock, pasties, loincloth or thong) in case you need it. Important: You will also want to make sure you use the restroom well before we leave!!!

Please note: We will be entering the Seattle Center the same as last year. Please follow instructions from ride marshals before and during the ride. We will enter at the East entry, Harrison Street, between the EMP and Memorial Stadium.

When we enter the large Seattle Center International Fountain (video) area, we must all get off our bikes and walk with our bikes into the fountain area. Bicycles are not permitted down into the water area. Lock your bike, walk down the ramps. We will spend no more than 15-20 minutes in the fountain. Please also be very polite and vocal (or ring bells) when passing around adults and children in the area. We have also been asked not to use amplified sound such as megaphones in this area. The Seattle Center puts up signs to alert sensitive people to the presence naked people. Thank you for ensuring a safe and fun Seattle Center experience for everybody!

Don't forget to have your bike tuned up, tires pumped and make sure your bicycle is properly fit to your size.

Extended Ride Option!

For those that wish to continue after the Seattle Center, there will be an option to continue the ride towards Fremont, then either Ballard or the University District as the group wishes.

Important: Not Returning to Departure Point

PLEASE NOTE: this ride will not be returning to it's departure point. Please consider where it's best to park for you, if driving to the ride, based on ending the first portion at Seattle Center, or the extended ride north of the ship canal.

After Party Anyone?!

We may later hit a bar for a clothed social and after ride decompression (Belltown, Fremont, Queen Anne?) One thing we've learned over the years is that many naked cyclists like to drink beer and chill after the ride to recall what happened during the ride, plan for the future and meet like-minded creative, fun-loving folks like themselves.

More info

For those carpooling/driving, limited parking is available in the area. We encourage you to take the bus, walk or bike to the start location! Even better, come with your friends, family and co-workers! A bathroom is located up the Elliott Bay Trail, within the Elliott Bay Park (probably ~6-8 minute bike ride away), at the OSP facility, Cal Anderson Park and the Seattle Center (see Google map).