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Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: Scarborough


Welcome to the Scarborough World Naked Bike Ride page. 2016 was our first ride.

The rest of the information on this page relates to the 2016 ride. Check back here occasionally to see if a ride has been arranged for 2017.

We will be gathering in Esplanade Gardens on Scarborough's South Cliff from 1pm on Sunday 26th June with the ride itself beginning at 2pm. The gathering point is on the square section of open grass just across the street from the trams. We estimate it should finish sometime between 4pm and 5pm, not far from the beach, after 8 miles of slow cycling including along the full length of Scarborough's North and South Bays plus the town centre. Registration is not required, so just turn up, but it would help to have an idea of numbers so please consider registering your interest on our Facebook event page.

Full nudity is permitted and has been cleared with the police as it is not deemed to be illegal in this context, however nudity is not a requirement and you may ride as bare as you dare! Many women choose to wear a swimming costume or go topless.

Keep up to date here and on our Facebook event page linked to at the top of this page for more information.

The World Naked Bike Ride takes place in around 20 towns and cities in the UK every year and scores of cities around the world. It is a protest to draw attention to the vulnerability of cyclists, as well as a protest about dependency on fossil fuel. It is also a celebration of the human body!

The Scarborough ride will have its own unique take on the fossil fuels also and is calling for drivers to ditch their diesel cars and other diesel road vehicles in particular as their emmisions are 22 times more dangerous and carcenogenic than petrol! Sick of that horrible smell of the car or van in front? 9 times out of 10 it is because it is a diesel! Lets spread the word and help to get these killer DIEsels off the road!

See you there, and remember to share!


The route will leave esplanade gardens before heading along the Esplanade, down West Street, down Ramshill Road, and in to town over valley bridge. We will then head along northway, turn down Victoria Road, turn up Aberdeen Walk and follow the road round, up the hill and back down, and follow York Place through to The Crescent for our first stopping point.

We will then head up St Nicholas Street, St Thomas Street, back down Queen Street, down Eastborough and on to the Foreshore Road. We will follow Foreshore Road to the Spa which will be our 2nd stopping point and first toilet stop.

We will then head back along Foreshore Road and along Marine Drive. We will stop on Marine Drive for a third stopping point and second toilet stop.

We plan to then head past North Bay chalets, through the Open Air Theatre and up towards the North Bay cliffs Road. We will head along, the North Bay cliffs and down to and around the top half Trafalgar Square for the fourth stopping point briefly.

We will then head along North Marine Road, back on to the North Cliffs briefly, and through the old town taking the cobbled road back down to the Foreshore Road.

We will then head along the Foreshore Road one more time, and head up towards Valley Road. The ride will end under Valley Bridge.

Bike Hire

For anybody wishing to hire a bike for the Scarborough naked bike ride, we can recommend Contact Pete Blood on 07805 077 200. Normal cost is £24 per day, but a 10% discount is available for participants of the Scarborough World Naked Bike Ride. The planned end point for the ride is under valley bridge, and Pete can collect the bikes from you at the end there if you wish. Estimated finish time is likely to be sometime between 4pm and 5pm, although it is possible it could be a little later depending on traffic.

Meetings and Events

Planning for the ride currently takes place on the Scarborough WNBR Facebook page


The Scarborough ride has a shared flyer with the York ride. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The flyer is A5 size and prints two to a page of A4, single-sided.

York & Scarborough WNBR 2016 Flyer

Be patient: files can take a while to download!

Please try and place any publicity materials in a prominent position in your local community centre, college, bike shop etc. and circulate amongst your cycling friends and fellow activists. Laminated versions can even be displayed at key locations outside, e.g. attached to lamp-posts along cycle paths. With a little ingenuity flyers can also be attached to bikes.

Advice for Riders



The information here is similar to that of other World Naked Bike Rides in the North and North East such as York and Newcastle, however there are some important differences, so be sure to read through.

Experienced cyclists – please note some of this information may seem tedious but it is meant for everyone, experienced or not, who may be coming on the Ride and is intended to make the event as trouble-free as possible.

The World Naked Bike Ride is primarily a protest and a celebration for people on bikes and the beautiful bodies that power them. The Scarborough ride is drawing attention to the dangers of diesel cars and other diesel road vehicles in particular as these are 22 times more toxic to humans than petrol cars! We would ask you to consider an anti diesel road vehicles theme in your bodypainting to help make the message more clear. We hope you have a wonderful liberating day, however there are important bits you need to be aware of before you ride! You will be deemed to have read all this if you join the ride. The ride should finish some time between 4 and 5 pm. There will be four stopping points in addition to the start and finish points with toilet stops at the second and third stopping points.

It is your responsibility to make sure your bike is roadworthy. In particular check:

  • that it fits you
  • that the brakes work properly
  • the tyres are sufficiently inflated
  • the chain runs freely and the gear changes are smooth
  • there are no obvious loose connections (check especially your handlebars, saddle, cranks and pedals)
  • your wheels run true (don't wobble from side to side when moving)

NOTE: There may be other riders or stewards who may be able to help with minor bike problems if they can be fixed easily on the ride at stopping points, but this is by no means guarenteed so do not rely on it!

What to bring with you on the Ride:

  • Obviously your bike. If you dont have one and cannot keep up we cannot wait for you so we would advise you to get dressed if you fall behind.
  • One or more bags to carry your clothes and other bits and pieces in. Bags attaching safely to your bike are best as they do not restrict your movement, make your back sweat too much or obscure any slogans that are written there. If you do not have a pannier, saddle-bag, rack or handlebar-bag, use a back-pack that attaches securely to your body and leaves both hands free. Nothing should be left at the Ride assembly point!
  • A basic tool kit specific to your bike including a spare inner tube and/or other means of dealing with a puncture
  • A working pump
  • One or more water-bottles – you will probably get thirsty especially if it is a hot day
  • Front and rear lights in case it is dark by the time you are getting home
  • Some snacks to keep you going until your next meal
  • Sun cream, sunglasses, according to the weather. Bring sun cream even if it is cloudy The Scarborough ride will be in the afternoon when the sun is strong and it may turn sunny later.
  • Bring a lock ideally also as you may need to leave you bike unattended for a toilet stop for example.

At the assembly point (Esplanade Gardens) - Be aware the ride ends in a different location, under valley bridge, about a 10 to 15 minute walk away

  • Apply sun-cream if it is a hot day (do this before applying body paint and allow the cream to soak in)
  • Decorate your body and your bike. Make contact with other riders and help each other out painting slogans on your bodies. There are plenty of ideas for slogans on the WNBR Slogans page or you can make up your own. We will hopefully have paint available, however it may be advisable to bring your own if you want to be sure you can be painted.
  • Be respectful of your fellow riders. We would request you do not take photos of other riders without their permission, especially if they are in the process of getting ready. Some people may interpret this as harrasment if excessive.
  • Do a few last minute checks to make sure your bike is OK, e.g. is there still air in the tyres?
  • Please do not fully strip off until about half an hour before the Ride is due to start. It is advised not to leave your clothing with a friend, but take it with you (it is possible you may need it if you have a breakdown and are isolated from the other riders).
  • Follow the ride leader out of the assembly area when the ride is ready to start.

Body painting facility

There is no indoor body-painting facility where you can be painted, however we hope to be able to have a gazebo for this. You are not obliged to use this facility. You may choose to use a discreet area away from the crowds or else get painted up at home or at a friend’s house before you come to the ride. There is also a sheltered area with seating next to the start point which may offer a little bit of seclusion which is in the shadows to some degree

Creativity and decoration and Responsibility

Creativity and decoration of your bike and your body are strongly encouraged.

  • If you have any body paints and brushes, please bring them along. Flowers, leaves and other greenery are also useful for draping or twisting around your body or your bike. Lots more ideas can be found on the main WNBR website: or go direct to the Wikipedia article on WNBR body art.
  • Bring bells, whistles, horns, squeakers etc. to make a pleasant noise.
  • If you are carrying banners, flags or flagpoles, please ensure these are attached to your bike in a safe way so that they will not get caught up in your wheels, cause difficulty when mounting or dismounting or cause a nuisance to other riders. In particular avoid anything with a sharp point. It is possible to attach flexible bamboo poles with banners above head height, or shorter poles with small pennants well behind you. You will need lots of gaffer tape and some ingenuity to wrap it round all the right places. Attaching it to a pannier rack is best. If in any doubt how to do this safely, please seek advice. Note that you may have to mount/dismount your bike in a different way if you have a banner fixed behind.
  • To those carrying flags etc, please try to ensure the flag pole sticks more upwards away from your bike rather than backwards. Poles which point too far backwards and not high enough can be a hazard to other cyclists! This has been noted on previous bike rides where a number of people have had the flag pointing too far back and has been an annoyance for some riders. We do not want anybody getting a pole in their face. This may not be as far fetched as it sounds, so please make sure it points far more in an upwards direction! Cyclists without poles should take care to look out for them as they are responsible for their own safety ultimately.
  • If you wear a mask, whether for decoration or disguise, make sure it does not restrict your vision of the road ahead or of the other riders around you.
  • In the event of any injury on the ride, regardless of whether or not an insurance payout is made, the ride organisers cannot be held responsible. If you do not agree to this, then do not ride. By participating in the ride you are accepting these conditions! We also accept no responsibility for anybody who separates from the ride or their behaviour. You are ultimately responsible for yourself.
  • Stewards and ride leaders will be identifiable with yellow arm bands. Don't go past the furthest forward person with a yellow arm band unless they are waving you through a junction.

During the Ride

We will have a ride leader and some one marking the back of the ride. There will also be some stewards on the flanks of the ride and there may or may not also be police officers controlling some of the junctions. For everyone's safety, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not stray from the route or from the other riders
  • Do not race ahead or overtake the ride leader, especially if you do not know the way
  • Do not to drop behind the back marker
  • Keep some space between yourself and other riders, in particular watch out that your front wheel does not get too close to the back wheels of the people in front and make sure that you have enough room to stop.
  • If you need to change direction suddenly, check behind you first and avoid sudden unpredictable movements.
  • Give long or wide cycles (e.g. tricycles, rickshaws, cargo-bikes, bikes with trailers) extra space to manoeuvre, especially if the path you are riding on is narrow.
  • If you need to stop suddenly, try and pull away from other riders and indicate or shout back that you are doing so.
  • Do not leave too much space between yourself and other riders otherwise car-drivers may be tempted to nip into the space and so split up the ride. Avoid riding in small bunches or sub-groups.
  • Be aware of pedestrians, especially children.
  • Avoid riding on the pavement where possible. Part of the scarborough ride will be along areas that may look like footpaths but they are technically roads!
  • On some parts, the ride may slow to a walk pace and walking may be advisable if we go through busy areas with lots of pedestrians. It is likely a number of the areas on the ride will be busy with pedestrians. Take care to avoid them and follow the lead of the ride leaders. If riders around you are mostly walking, then walk also.
  • Avoid riding in between stationary cars in traffic where possible. We may be sitting in traffic for a while in some sections but will try to keep the ride together and avoid cars getting in between where possible. It is probably best you do not engage in banter with anyone if they give negative comments or other negative behaviour.
  • On shared use pathways, keep to the side marked as a cycle lane. If no such lane is marked, be prepared to stop if necessary if pedestrians (or their dogs) get in your way.
  • Follow the normal traffic rules given in the Highway Code, stopping at red lights etc. unless directed to clear a junction by a police officer or ride steward acting to ensure your safety. If the light turns red after we start going through, we keep going through until we are all through as long as the ride is still together and stewards are able to hold the traffic at the lights. If the ride unfortunately splits, the front will wait for the back to catch up. Be vigilant and use common sense if this happens, do not go through red lights if it seems dangerous! We recommend you look at the route of the ride beforehand if you are able to so you are aware of where we will be going if the ride is unfortunate enough to separate!
  • Be aware that other road users (pedestrians, drivers) may be startled by the appearance of a group of naked cyclists. Mostly their reactions will be positive. If for any reason they are not, we would advise not stop to engage in arguments, but keep smiling and ride on. There will likely be more shocked reactions in Scarborough than on other rides such as York as it is a new ride in a smaller place.
  • If you have an accident, a mechanical failure or a puncture, the back marker will stay with you long enough to make sure you are OK. If you are not hurt, and feel you cannot keep up with the ride any longer, you will be advised to get dressed and make your way by the quickest available route to the designated end of the Ride where you will be able to re-join the other riders. The ride may be able to stop briefly, but if you cannot continue at the ride pace, we cannot wait for you. It is likely that much of the ride will be at a slower pace than other rides such as york.
  • Generally, if a ride steward asks you to do something (e.g. to move inside a lane), please do what he or she says. Ride stewards are there to ensure your own safety and to try and keep the ride together.

There are two toilet stops during the ride. The ride should finish some time between 4 and 5 pm. There will be 4 stopping points in addition to the start and finish points. There will be toilet facilities at the second and third stopping points only. At the second stop it may be a walk of up to 60 seconds from the group to the public toilets. It may be advisable to at least put underwear on to go to these toilets to avoid any problems with other people as others may see simply naked people and not the rest of the ride as it may be out of sight around the corner. The third stop will be right next to the toilets. Urinating in public may still be considered an offence by police regardless of the fact that you are already naked.

Please be aware that the police are unlikely to tollerate any overtly sexual behaviour and this could bring our ride into disrepute. Therefore if any men find they have an erection at any time, we would strongly advise you to cover up. Police have told us they will probably take action against anyone they see in this state. Much of the ride route will be overseen by CCTV.

At the end of the Ride

After the ride, please get dressed again when appropriate or when asked to. The end of the ride is on grass under valley bridge. This is a 5 to 10 minute walk from the south bay beach where there will be toilets. It is a 10 to 15 minute walk back to the start point from here up the hill on the cliffs should you wish to make your own way back there. Please do not leave any rubbish at the end point. Remember - ride proud, ride safely and have fun!

Scarborough WNBR Planning Group

If you would like to help out with organising the Scarborough ride please contact Rides in the UK are normally planned by a collective where possible. It is hoped that Scarborough will follow the example of York, London, Cardiff, and Brighton rides, and adopt the collective style of organisation. This would mean holding open planning meetings where decisions were be taken collectively. Sometimes, a few riders will act as sole organisers until there are enough people involved to arrange meetings.

All UK rides typically have a "ride coordinator" who facilitates the ride planning process whether or not there is a planning collective. Here's what the coordinator normally does:

  • answers people's questions with care and consideration
  • keeps track of who is doing what, and how far through things people are
  • deals with problems and follow the discussions at the national level
  • provides email updates to let people know what's going on
  • points out where and when help is needed
  • acts as a contact point for general enquiries (email and sometimes mobile phone)
  • maintains contact information (and keeps it secure)

Additional responsibilities that a coordinator may choose to take on:

  • arrange meetings, compile agendas, provide minutes
  • ensure that the collective remains non-hierarchical but organised
  • moderate an email list for Scarborough ride planning

Media coverage

There is always plenty of TV and Radio coverage locally, plus some mention in national media. Here we will provide links to stories which are available on the internet, and apply specifically to Scarborough.




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