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There are several organizations which have gone beyond endorsing the event. Many of these organizations have gone out of their way to promote WNBR and to get many of their members and supporters involved. These organizations have contributed a significant part of their resources in helping to build this event. This is just a start.

Listed alphabetically:

Current partners

  • Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC) was the first organization outisde of Vancouver, BC to get involved with organizing the event. The group also initially hosted WNBR in Seattle in 2004 and even after OLP took over in 2005 and through 2006, has continued to provide assistance in moving donations to the WNBR Seattle effort.
  • ClothesFree International has donated web hosting space for the main WNBR domain name Web site and has helped with technical support. They have also filmed rides in Seattle and San Francisco and featured a large amount of coverage in their Clothes Free TV program which is available on television, online and on DVD.
  • High Altitude Films film director Johnny Zapatos created a full length documentary film about the London 2005 ride. This film was released in 2006, and was a finalist at two international film festivals in the UK. Crucially, Johnny has worked with the London ride to distribute the film for free to rides who arrange community screenings. Screenings have taken place in England, Wales, Canada, USA, Mexico and beyond. Film summary: The film is funny, entertaining, sympathetic, and tame enough for a general audiences. It combines professional production quality (narration, sound, footage, animation) with a dynamic story of how the London ride jumped from 58 riders to 250 riders in just one year. Johnny "embedded" 6 cameras into the ride in order to tell the story from the riders perspective.
  • Manifestación Ciclonudista Mundial are our partners in Spain who organize rides with very similar messages as WNBR. WNBR was first organized to coincide with their unique June 12th ride date.
  • The Naturist Society has contributed a large amount of coverage in their magazine Nude & Natural (N Magazine) for the international event with comprehensive coverage of select local rides.
  • The Organic Living Party/Work Less Party USA has considered WNBR Seattle its main annual event and many of the people who have become involved in WNBR have gone on to help organize other OLP projects and events.