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This page had been created in October 2018 without preparing a specific ride location page (such as Trondheim or Stavanger). Meanwhile, that mere suggestion is noted as archived in the 'List of rides' and among the 'Archived ride locations' (see also its talk page). This here country page however, like all country pages, remains normally active and may be normally modified and updated.

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Ride locations

See List of rides in Norway or browse the Norway category


Norway has never had a WNBR. In 2007 the journalist Nareas Sae-Khow rode naked in Trondheim for the radio channel P3 to promote World Naked Bike Ride, but was told by the police to put on a short or pay a fine [1]


There is interest in organizing a ride in Stavanger. If you would like to help or get a ride going anywhere else in Norway. please send a mail to

There is also a closed Facebook group: While the group is Norwegian, most Norwegians are proficient English speakers, so don't be afraid to join or ask questions if you are a foreigner :)