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Google Maps: World Naked Bike Ride locations

A collaborative map of World Naked Bike Ride locations.

For reference, see the official List of rides.

If you'd like to help edit this map, please email nick DOT sayers AT gmail DOT com.

Shortcuts to this map

Proposed colour coding system

Google placemarker colours:

  • Green: Ride has happened in the previous year, and is due to take place again this year
  • Yellow: Ride is due this year, but is new or didn't happen last year
  • Red: Ride has taken place before, but no plans to host one this year

This relates to the [List of rides] ride status tab colour coding as follows:

  • Committed to ride —> Green
  • New ride planned —> Yellow
  • Assumed to repeat —> Yellow
  • Kickstart this ride —> Red

List of rides ride status tab colour coding

An explanation of the ride status tab colour coding appears on the image page for each coloured tab. You can click on the ride status tab where they appear to take you to the explanation. For convenience, the explanations have been reproduced together below:

Ride status tab: Committed to ride Committed to ride

These rides have happened successfully in the past and are dedicated to ride again.

These rides locations are confirmed, and have taken place previously.

Ride status tab: New ride planned New ride planned

These rides are new and riders have begun promotion and organizing.

These rides locations are new and confirmed.

Ride status tab: Assumed to repeat Assumed to repeat

These rides have happened successfully in the past and are assumed to ride again. However, no definite information has been provided for the upcoming ride.

These rides locations are unconfirmed, but have taken place in previous years.

Ride status tab: Kickstart this ride Kickstart this ride

These rides may or may not have occurred in the past and need help getting started in first stages of planning and organizing. Please refer to the Organizing a ride page for more information about starting or restarting a ride.

These are unconfirmed, potential ride locations, but may have taken place in previous years.

Ride status tab: Cancelled Cancelled