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Cyclonudista Helsinki - WNBR - World Naked Bike Ride! 12 June 2014 - let's do our natural bicycle tour in Helsinki:

The concept is simple: we do once a year (on 12 june) a bicycle tour around the city, to get the city back from the car, shout against pollution, cars and hypocritical prudery.


the main "official" reasons/requests are two:

1) The ride is a protest against car culture and oil dependency

2) Nudity is not enforced. The decision to go naked belongs entirely up to the participants. It is up to individual participants to decide how much nudity they are comfortable with.

But the reason YOU do it may be infinite: You love bicycles, you love your city, you want noiseless vehicles, you don't want big and fast vehicles in the city, you don't like the oil industry

...and because you may be an exhibitionst


Meeting point: Kaisaniemi park (close to the main train station), Next to the fountain.

Tour map:

End: The event will end after few hours, but you are welcome to stay with the group and have picnic. The tour ends back in Kaisaniemi Park.

What to bring:

Mandatory: - Yourself, - Bicycle,

Optional: - A smile on your face, - Any decoration that you find appropriate, - Music instruments to play when we stop, - A camera to record some pictures/videos, - Body decoration colors, - Drinks and food to share if you wish.

Of course you are free to join/leave whenever you want and nudism is not mandatory.

...Where it all began:

On June 12th 2004 cyclists in 29 cities across the world took to the streets of the world, mostly wearing nothing more than a cheeky smile.

It was not only a huge success, but also a huge surprise, neither the media or the police actually thought that it would happen.

This was the worlds first international naked bike ride. Since then it has spread to 70 cities around the world with thousands of participants.

So how is it organized ?

Well the first thing to know is that it does not have any leaders, hierarchies or even any bureaucracy. It is an event that belongs entirely to its participants. You are not only invited to to participate in this event, but also to take ownership of it.

If you would like to help us make this year's ride an even bigger success than ever before:

1) Start telling and inviting as many of your friends as possible to join. Info for how to join existing rides is at:

2) Organize a screening of the documentary film 'Indecent Exposure To Cars'

Links Cyclonudista in Helsinki:

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