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Sell things used to promote that will also be bought by others as novelty gifts or just something very cool. Sliding scale prices may work, do not feel bad about fundraising to support your event!!!

Things to consider:

  • Make an iPhoto WNBR collage book with graphic design combining images and text about the message of WNBR. A great coffee book and keepsake idea!! Much more fun than looking at photos on the web.
  • Print (archival process) and resell promotional [posters]
  • WNBR t-shirts
  • Sell WNBR Film and video documentaries and schedule screenings. WNBR Blu-ray and DVD video discs.
  • Fundraising body art, bike art parties.
  • WNBR Calendars (The Global WNBR 2005 calendars are out of print, rare)
Disadvantage: Time consuming and expensive to make, and they cannot be used other than for art/memories beyond a year. D 21:46, 20 Jun 2006 (PDT)
  • WNBR mini bike stickers. Great for giving out at Critical Mass and other bike events.
  • WNBR hemp bracelets, with WNBR letters on them.
  • WNBR Blu-ray High Definition photo video presentation with powerpoint files and other media files.
  • WNBR promoter's CD/DVD/Blu-ray toolkit for promoting.
  • WNBR Bike Naked Banners.