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There have been some disputes among WNBR organizers. In all cases this related to WNBR Policy.

Advertising disputes

Some groups have been approached by NudistsFriends.com to enter into an advertising agreement, promising funds for business referrals. This group may seem like a benign commercial naturist or nudist business, however, looking through their site one will find links to other sites that are widely not accepted within the community as they allow themselves to be indirectly affiliated with voyeuristic, swinging and sex ad businesses all of which are well outside the contexts of the message of WNBR.

In addition to being against WNBR policy, the issue also involved our web host, who is also against associations with inappropriate businesses and organizations.

San Francisco Feb 2007

In Feb 2007 Daniel Johnson asked Daniel O, the WNBR SF coordinator to remove advertising for NudistFriends.com on their website. Daniel O initially refused. Citing WNBR policy Daniel Johnson removed links to the SF WNBR site and discussion group (both featuring NudistFriends.com advertising) from the wiki site. Johnson later redirected the domain sanfrancisco.worldnakedbikeride.org to point to the WNBR SF wiki site. Once NudistFriends.com ads were removed, Daniel O had coordinator status renewed and the website was restored without the NudistFriends.com advertising.

The following statement came from Corky Stanton relating to the inclusion of advertising for NudistFriends.com on the SF WNBR website, hosted by Corky:

Since ClothesFree.com is approving and promoting the WNBR events and we need to conform to the principles of family naturism. We also visit naturist resorts all over and do not want to damage our integrity by linking to sites that sexualize nudism. We need to provide a wholesome atmosphere suitable for the whole family that allows everyone, including children, to have a better body image without bringing sexuality into it. If you see something happening, which shouldn't, please feel free to take it upon yourself to speak to the offender. We are all be in this together. All of our efforts in the past would be in vain and WNBR would cease to exists if we allow people to sexualize this event in any way.
As sponsor of the hosting of WorldNakedBikeRide.org, we usually have taken a back seat as the owner of the domain and others control the websites. I personally own worldnakedbikeride.com and forward it to worldnakedbikeride.org. Lately, there seems to be a dispute between the owner of the domain worldnakedbikeride.org and WNBR founder Conrad Schmidt, Daniel Johnson - webmaster vs. Daniel O, the coordinator of the WNBR event in San Francisco. This needs to be resolved right away and not taken so publicly in the Yahoo groups.
I have talked with Daniel O. and have worked with him when we taped the bike ride in San Francisco. He is a nice guy and I understand what he is saying. But I did recommend that he take the link down and comply with the principles of WNBR. Look how far they have taken this event! We need to stand by Conrad and Daniel J. and keep this event fully non-sexual to set a good example to the public! Daniel O. said he hasn't made any money with his links anyway.
Call me and let me know what I should change and where you think we should put this. Thanks!!
Corky Stanton
Part owner and founder of ClothesFree.com

Burlington Feb 2007

Links on the Burlington wiki were removed linking to Naked in Vermont website due to NudistFriends.com advertising.