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If you'd like to involved in organising or promoting this ride, please join the WNBR Brighton & Hove Yahoo group.

Ride date

Confirmed as Sunday 13 June 2010.

Decisive factors

In 2009, we discussed riding again on the regular Saturday, the day after (Sunday), and on the previous weekend. It was decided to move to the Sunday. The following factors were taken into consideration:

  • On 13 June 2010, the Brighton & Hove Motor Club are holding a motoring event at Preston Park. This shouldn't be a problem – we decided against starting from Preston Park, and they'll probably return to their traditional venue at Stanmer Park next year. Just worth checking in case it happens again when/if we move start location in 2011.
  • The ride should take place during university and college term time (University of Sussex, University of Brighton, City College), to maximise student involvement
  • The London-Brighton Classic Car Run will be on Sunday 6 June 2010. This takes up a lot of city road space and finishes on Madeira Drive.
  • The London Naked Bike Ride is on Saturday 12 June 2010.
  • The London to Brighton Bike Ride will be on Sunday 20 June 2010. This ride traditionally takes place on the third Sunday in June. If Brighton continues its practice of riding the day after London (traditionally the second Saturday in June), there will be clashes with the London to Brighton ride in 2014 and 2025!
  • There may be other clashing events (eg: see Brighton Run, although their calendar isn't definitive).
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, WNBRs have traditionally been on the second Saturday in June. However, this isn't mandatory.
  • Having international rides on the same day has led to stronger publicity and better solidarity between ride locations.
  • The Brighton 2008 and 2009 rides saw massive increases in numbers. Many feel this was due to the ride being on a different day to London, giving riders a better chance to take part in both.
  • Holding the 2009 ride on Sunday proved to be a successful experiment, having always done it on Saturdays previously.
  • Riding on a Sunday might mean a better chance of getting into Monday newspapers, which are often eager for stories.
  • The volume and "mood" of traffic may differ between Saturday and Sunday

Mailing list

Bulk communications (emails, SMS) are sent to:

Pre/post-ride event listings/updates:


Volunteers wanted

To really make this ride happen, people are wanted to get involved in organising and promoting the ride. The following jobs need to be taken on by eager volunteers:

Before the ride

  • Pre-ride event organisers (1 volunteer)
  • Press release writing and media liaison (3 volunteers – press releases written and distributed by Press Dispensary)
  • Flyer and poster printing and distribution (1 volunteer)
  • Legal support
  • Outreach (see interest groups, below)
  • Publicity
  • Web editors and designers (for this wiki and the main site)
  • Fund-raisers (funds needed for advertising, flyer/poster printing, legal costs etc)
  • Communications officer – email-outs, mailing list etc

On the day

  • Body painters
  • Cycling marshals, front and back (with walky-talkies?) (1 coordination volunteer)
  • Stationary marshals at key junctions
  • Stewards (non-riding), to set up and clear start point etc
  • Bike/skate mechanics
  • Sound system bikes and riders
  • Trailer bikes to carry clothes?
  • Refreshments provider at end of ride (nudist beach?) (ice box with beer, fruit etc?)

Interest group representatives

Individuals and representatives from the following interest groups are also sought:

  • Activists
  • Body arts practitioners
  • Cyclists
  • Environmentalists (1 volunteer)
  • Lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community (1 volunteer)
  • Naked protesters
  • Naturists/nudists
  • Performance artists
  • Skaters
  • Students
  • Sustainable transport advocates

See also: the Related Interest Groups section of the WNBR Brighton Yahoo! group.

Event clearance

Police ”censorship”

Hopefully the issue of full nudity has been resolved now, following the 2007 ride. (Exposure of "rude bits" was banned at the 2006 ride by Chief Superintendent Jeremy Paine. He has since been replaced by Graham Cox, then Alan Ladley, Kevin Moore, and now Paul Pearce.)

Pre-ride events

Planning meetings

Planning meetings to discuss this ride will take place at least once a month in the months leading up to the ride. Please come along if you'd like to get involved!

Solidarity event (March)

A successful photo shoot and solidarity naked bike ride occurred on Saturday 10 March 2009. This was in solidarity with southern hemisphere rides happening the same weekend, as well as a means of publicising the summer ride.

Building on the strength of this, if a sufficient number and gender mix of hardy cyclists can be found, a similar ride could happen again in March 2010.

Events where the ride could be promoted

Film screenings


WNBR Brighton & Hove films (5-10 minutes each) – see Brighton & Hove video

Other WNBR, naked protest and Critical Mass documentaries considered:

Screening venues considered


Please get in touch if you can help organise these screenings: Do you have connections with he venues? Can you lend or borrow a video projector? Would you like to give a short talk to introduce each film?

Pre-ride cycle confidence training session/s

Ian at Bike For Life has offered to organise pre-ride training sessions to boost people's confidence with riding bikes, prior to the ride.

Potential affiliations, sponsorship and endorsements

  • Belu
    Bottled water company based in London that uses biodegradable bottles made from corn starch
  • Baobab Café
    Next to the Level. Have expressed an interest in supplying refreshments at the ride start.
  • The Big Lemon
    Expressed an interest in chartering a double-decker bus for the ride (to transport riders from and to London? Clothing-optional?)
  • Bike For Life
    Sponsored the 2008 ride, offered cycle confidence training before 2006 ride.
  • The Bike's The Business
    Carried fruit for the 2006 ride, sponsored the 2008 ride (?).
  • Bill's Produce Store
    Organic food shop in Lewes and Brighton. Provided fresh fruit for the 2006 ride.
  • Brighton & Hove Council Walking & Cycling Officer
    Abbie Hone has offered to set up a 'Dr Bike' session at the start of the ride.
  • Brighton Body Casting
    Body casting studio on the seafront near Black Rock naturist beach
  • Castor & Pollux
    Manager rode last year and mentioned they could sponsor us!
  • Cranks
    Co-operative bike workshop. Sponsored 2008 ride (?)
  • Down To Earth, Portland Road, Hove
  • Five Miles To Fabulous
    CTC's promotional weekend of women's cycling, coincides with the Brighton ride date!
  • Green Women (Brighton & Hove)
    Liz Wakefield has agreed to promote the ride to the email list of this group
  • Life Pure Water
    Brighton-based ethical bottled water company that donates money from sales to developing countries
  • Naked Juice
    Juice company that organised a small London promo ride in 2009 (photos at Rex Features)
  • Naked Wines
    Not sure how ethical they are, but the name's apt!
  • Natural Balance Foods
    Interested in promoting their Nakd cereal bars at the ride (thanks to Liz Wakefield from the Green Party!)
  • RoadPeace
    The UK charity providing support for victims of road crashes – share WNBR's aim of highlighting road users' vulnerability and the human cost of road crashes
  • Rude Health
    Organic breakfast cereals – cheekily appropriate company name for supporting the Brighton Naked Bike Ride?
  • Sustrans
    Might be persuaded to set up a stall at the start of the ride
  • Yellowave beachsports
    Volleyball club near the end of the ride

Taking part

Participants should be reminded to bring bags to carry clothes, but just in case, organisers should bring some!

Bike and skate hire companies need to be contacted about the possibility of hiring out bikes and skates. (Eg: Planet Cycles)

Pre-ride body and bike decoration

Volunteers wanted: Body Painters, Crafty People



Volunteers wanted: People to put up rider enclosure ribbon barriers, information desk etc


Route map: See Google Maps

Route problem for 2010 ride: Green Wave Festival is taking place on 12-13 June 2010, and there will be stalls along New Road and Jubilee Square!

The route starts at the Level and ends at the Black Rock naturist beach. It passes the following landmarks (in route order): Royal Pavilion, Old Steine, Brighton Pier, Brighton & Hove seafront, West Pier, Peace Statue, King Alfred Leisure Centre, George Street, Hove Town Hall, Floral Clock, Western Road, Churchill Square, Clock Tower, the (south) Lanes, North Laine, Jubilee Library, Kemptown. The route is 6.9 miles long (Critical Mass Brighton usually goes between 5 and 7 miles).

It would be a good idea to make stops along the route in case people want to take off more clothes. The best potential places for this are: the Peace Statue, the bottom of Fourth Avenue, Hove Town Hall and the Floral Clock (+ maybe New Road/Victoria Gardens?).

An alternative route may also need to be planned, in case of bad weather.

Eric's suggestions:

  • "Riding anticlockwise reduces the number of times you cross the traffic."
  • "Make sure that no other event/s are going to clash with your route on the same day."

Volunteers wanted: Ride Marshals/Stewards, Bike Mechanics

Post-ride event

As the ride finishes at the Kemptown Nudist Beach, a post-ride sea swim and beach picnic would be ideal for riders to wind down after the event.

Local companies could be found to endorse the ride by providing food.

Volunteers wanted: Post-Ride Event Organisers, people to find local companies willing to donate food and drink


Flyers, posters, stickers etc


Please print and distribute posters and flyers around Brighton, Hove, Sussex, London and the UK. Download PDF files from the main Brighton & Hove page.

WNBR London have had postcards, business cards and fridge magnets printed for free, or very cheaply, at VistaPrint.

The Brighton Resource Centre (in the same building as the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project) has computers available for cheap printing and photocopying.

Can any printers offer to do a cheap/free print run? (Preferably using recycled paper and/or vegetable-based inks.)


Suggested places to put flyers and posters:

  • On bikes (trap under brake levers/cables etc)
  • Bike racks at the train station, library, colleges and universities
  • Infinity Foods noticeboard
  • Brighton Fringe office window noticeboard
  • Café noticeboards (eg: Dumb Waiter, Sanctuary Café)
  • Shops (Brighton shops often accept A3 posters)

We could approach a company such as SWAT to help us?

Web links

A list of links related to this ride is maintained at the WNBR Brighton & Hove Yahoo! group.

If you know of any related sites that can link to us, please ask the site administrators to do this. The link text should be "Brighton Naked Bike Ride, UK", and the link URL should be To link to the global site, please use the link text "World Naked Bike Ride", and the URL Blurb:

Every year, in cities around the world, people will be riding naked to celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against oil dependency. Be there, as bare as you dare!

Please also add related links to the Related Interest Groups section of the WNBR Brighton & Hove Yahoo! group.

Media coverage

See also:

WNBR Brighton & Hove press releases, produced by Press Dispensary

These links are from 2006 and need updating!

The following media have been contacted about covering the event:

Film crew/s

If any film crews are interested in filming the ride, there may be a seat available on a rickshaw or tandem...

First aid

The following people should be approached about the possibility of providing professional bike-mounted first aid:

Sound systems

Contacts with sound systems:

Unusual bikes

We're always keen for tandems, unicycles, rickshaws, penny-farthings etc to take part. Potential contacts:


For traders to come and sell products at the start or end of the ride, we should technically need a traders' license, which sounds like it would be prohibitively expensive. The council's Events department can also grant permission for traders in parks though. Although they can't officially sanction our event, they may grant trading permission if we can provide proof that another council department supports us as an official event.