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Date: Saturday 14 June 2008
Time: 1pm
Location: French Broad Food Co-op, Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC (be there or be square!)

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Partially or fully naked, with a message of simplification, human harmony and love!

For a future to exist for tomorrow's generations, we must stop wasting the life blood energy of the Earth, stop fighting and killing in the name of consumerist wealth accumulation, and learn to love and respect all life, and eliminate oil dependency and No More Blood for Oil!

Please pass this along and join in!

Please come celebrate bicycling and the human body by joining in the World Naked Bike Ride 2008 Asheville, Bare as You Dare.

In cities around the world people will be riding their bikes naked or nearly so to cultivate bike culture, bringing awareness to the alternatives of the automobile, risks associated with, pollution, wars for oil and body shame.

It's not necessary to be naked, take off what you are comfortable with. Formal wear would be just as impactful.

Body painting and pimping your ride is at 12:30pm this Saturday June 9th at the French broad Food Co-op on Biltmore Ave. we'll ride around 1:00pm, bring supplies if you can.

Please pass this on and bring some friends.

The best form of protest sometimes is having fun with a positive alternative, stepping outside our normal selves, growing, sharing in experience and being the change you want to see in the world. Help keep Asheville freaky!

BioWheels rent bikes, if you need one and can't borrow one.

For more info, go to Wikipedia: World Naked Bike Ride, the main WNBR website or this wiki website.

Why are we riding our bikes naked?

  • To promote freedom from oil dependency
  • To combat pollution
  • To foster a positive body image
  • To highlight the vulnerability bicyclists experience every day when sharing the road with cars
  • To get your attention!

Bicycles are a cheap, efficient, clean and healthy mode of transportation. Bicycling helps fight obesity and disease. Bicycles don't consume foreign oil, don't spew pollution into the air, and don't contribute to global warming. If more people rode bicycles we'd have fewer problems with traffic congestion, lack of parking space, road rage, accidents, and DUIs. We'd like to encourage everyone to get on your bike today!

Hope to see you there, Sunny


there were rides the last few years in 2004, 2005 and 2007, hopefully we can build and get crazy with it. Help promote a bike culture in asheville, volunteer to get this thing happening contact I hope very soon to get a webpage up and fliers out, I need all kinds of help to get this happening on a fun grand scale. If you want to help by putting up fliers try the website or discussion group.



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