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I weld y tudalen hwn yn Gymraeg, dilyner y ddolen hon Cy:Caerdydd

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WNBR Cardiff - World Naked Bike Ride! Saturday June 8th 2019 (TBC)

The Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride highlights the need for the provision of adequate facilities for urban cyclists and aims to raise awareness and respect for the needs of cyclists in cities. In addition it draws attention to society's need escape motor vehicle dependency and focuses on the power and individuality of the human being. It is also a day you will never forget in a carnival type atmosphere! Come join in the fun and bring your friends!

  • Demanding safer urban cycle routes and respect for cyclists in cities.
  • Making cycling safer for all
  • Supporting sustainable transport
  • Protesting against oil dependency and global warming
  • Campaigning to curb car culture in city centres
  • Promoting renewable energy
  • Celebrating our bikes and bodies..ride as bare as you dare.


  • Facebook Group : [1]
  • Coordinators : Contact details at the bottom of this page

The Cardiff WNBR is part of Bike Week (9-17 June 2018).

Bike Week, 15-23 June 2013

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund provides local organisers with
money for poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.

Next ride

Date: June 8th 2019
Time: Gather from 12.30PM to get ready, paint yourself, decorate your bike etc. Setting off at 2.30PM


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About the ride

Assembly point

We will be meeting on the grass between the National Museum and Cardiff University, opposite Alexandra Gardens. Here we will be able to prepare our bikes and bodies for the ride. The area will be cordoned off for our use. PLEASE DO NOT WANDER AROUND NAKED OUTSIDE THE CORDONED AREA. Meeting from 12.30pm. Ride planned to start at 2.30pm. [2] PLEASE BRING WHISTLES, BELLS, HORNS etc!

Dress code

As bare as you dare. Nudity makes a great statement, and many of us will be completely naked again this year and the more that are the better - but if you're more comfortable in a little clothing, that's fine too. Some people find that wearing body paint makes them feel not naked, even if they might not be wearing any clothes! On previous rides, riders wore shorts, bras, swimwear, body paint, head-dresses, wigs, sunglasses etc. Most wore footwear and brought bags to carry clothes. Some started the ride in a few clothes, and shed them during the ride! Body painting and adornment, customised bikes, portable seed-trays and other creative expression are all strongly encouraged.

Route 2018 route below.

1. Leave grass area behind National Museum and loop around Civic Centre to Corbett Road 2. Cross Bvd de Nantes to join Greyfriars Road 3. Join A470 briefly 4. Pass Queen Street junction 5. Working Street - The Hayes - passing City Library and John Lewis to join Hayes Bridge Road 6. Hayes Bridge Road to Mary Ann Street and pass Little Man Cafe 7. To Churchill Way and loop around this at Capitol Centre 8. Briefly onto Bute Terrace then Herbert Street before turning right onto A470 (Lloyd George Avenue) to Cardiff Bay 9. Follow A 470 to end and join Bute Place - to Britannia Quay 10. Pass Senedd building, passing Oval Basin and passing Wales Millennium Centre 11. Bute Place to Mount Stuart Square

12. Mount Stuart Square to Lloyd George Avenue to Callaghan Square 13. St Mary Street - High Street towards Cardiff Castle 14 Cowbridge Road East- turning right up Cathedral Road 15. Pass Halfway pub and turn into Fields Park Road to access Bute Park 12. Loop around the park and river side, exiting the park at Pettigrews Tearooms. 13. Castle Street 14. Pass castle, join North Road rejoin Greyfriars Road 15. Return to Alexandra Gardens to arrive back at the start point at Museum Avenue

Riders are advised bring a bag, bike rack or pannier to carry clothes and possessions. There maybe the possibility of leaving clothes/bags at the start point during the ride but this will be TOTALLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. We hope to have volunteers manning this area during the ride.

Cardiff 2018.jpg


The police have facilitated some previous rides; riders found the officers most helpful, and they in turn fully acknowledged our right to demonstrate in our chosen manner saying that they were impressed with the public reaction last year. Overwhelmingly most people react positively on seeing the ride. Expect cheers and applause, as well as looks of bewilderment! Being naked in public isn't illegal in the UK. It only becomes a problem if combined with lewd behaviour. Don't act in an offensive or lewd manner and you are not going to get arrested. Indeed in 2014 the police considered that they did not need to attend, and were happy to let us ride naked through the city without an escort!

Photography Policy

The 2018 ride, uses a photographic policy based on that used by the London ride, setting out the terms under which photographers will operate. It is hoped that any riders or members of the press wishing to photograph the ride will also feel able to abide by it's terms.


Photographing and filming policy

This is the first policy written by members of the World Naked Bike Ride - Cardiff.


Photography is encouraged throughout the ride; it is a means of promoting the message propagated through banners and body paint. Being in a public place, the law does not often support individuals but rather photographers' rights, during this ride, there are some restrictions to photographs and videos. This policy is intended to discourage any inconsiderate photography which may take place. We wish to create a safe and supportive environment for all riders. All photographers present at the ride must abide by this policy. Those who don't will be asked to leave. This includes any riders and press. This policy will be available to anyone to download.


Photographers are expected to behave in a respectful, friendly and reasonable manner at all times. If you make any rider uncomfortable, you will be required to leave the assembly/ride area.

AT THE ASSEMBLY AREA (before and after the ride)

Ask permission before photographing a rider

No photos of people dressing, or undressing, being painted are permitted unless requested by riders or permission granted by the subject

No photos of people in the designated no photo zone


No close-up photos without consent from the rider

ENFORCING THE PHOTO POLICY (by you the riders)

Our hope is that all riders will be aware of the policy and feel comfortable enough to step forward to debate the policy. If any riders should wish not to be photographed at the event, there are some measures you are able to take to prevent this happening.

1) Contact the World Naked BikeRide Cardiff photographer - Leah Sian at or talk to her in person at one of the meetings. She will make sure to avoid you at the event. If you contact by email it would be beneficial to get a head shot to identify you at the event.

2) At World Naked Bike Ride London riders often create a "Photo Policy Enforcement Board" a sign to attach to card with an example of the policy and a sign that says, "This Photo was taken without permission". This can be downloaded from the following link:

Public transport

The 2018 ride will start within easy cycling distance of Cardiff Central Rail Station, served by frequent trains from various parts of Wales and England.

Signing up

It's not essential to sign up for the ride - you can just turn up on the day - but it does help to get an idea of anticipated numbers. To sign up, visit our Facebook page . Facebook users can also sign up by following the link to our facebook events page [3]. Please join our Facebook Group to show your interest. The event will be published on this Facebook page, so when it is set up, please sign up to let us know that you want to come along!. [].


In December 2007 Johnny Zapatos's film about the London WNBR in 2005 was given a showing at the Chapter Centre. The film provoked a good deal of positive discussion. To contribute ideas for other showings, or ideas for any other events anywhere in Wales, please visit the WNBR Cardiff/Caerdydd Yahoo! group.


Cardiff riders are underway with planning the 2018 WNBR! Please get in touch via the Facebook page if you plan to ride or if you are able to help.

Planning meetings

Whether involved in planning previous years, or a new rider for 2017, you are very welcome to join in the preparations this year. If you would like to contribute, please come to the initial meeting, or post a message on the wnbr-cardiff/caerdydd Yahoo! group. Also join our Facebook page at ([ The event details will be published on this Facebook page, so please sign up to the event to let us know that you want to come along!


Posters & Flyers

The 2018 posters and flyers will be available around April 2018. Copies will be available at planning meetings for anyone who would like to help publicize the ride or if you ask nicely and live, work or study in Cardiff I might be able to drop some round to you. If you live further afield and e-mail me I can e-mail you back with PDFs so you can print off some of your own or if you have a really great idea for somewhere to advertise, such as a bike shop or mountain biking centre, I might be able to stretch to a stamp. Please remember that Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride only receives very limited funding for printing costs from World Naked Bike Ride UK and use those posters and flyers wisely or better still help us out by printing/photocopying your own (at work maybe!), thanks.

Slogan Suggestions

Got any suggestions? Just add them here or let me know. I can get Welsh/English translations if necessary.

Health & Safety and Risk assessment

Here is an easy-to-understand Risk Assessment which all riders should read as this is NOT a formal event and riders are ultimately responsible for their own behaviour and safety. There will be stewards and one or two ride marshalls but, beyond them, it is up to you.

And thank you to the Exeter ride for highlighting the problem areas and whose layout we plagiarised a little.

Full insurance cover under the Bike Week blanket policy has been applied for.

Hazard Risk Existing remedy Deficiency Action
Navigating traffic lights & junctions High: collision with other riders, collision with general traffic follow marshals' instructions: a large column of riders, pedestrians is considered in law as one long vehicle. over-excitement & hesitation among riders against impatient motorists If ride body becomes split, the front steward will stop after crossing any junction, and wait until rear of group is across junction
Accident involving rider and other road user very low Legal requirements appertaining to stopping, exchange of details, emergency services, if necessary If injured, participant may be naked Rear of ride marshal to advise front marshal. If rider has an accompanying person to deal with it, rear marshal is to withdraw and assist victim. Police are likely to be in attendance in any event.
Actual conflict (Verbal abuse) with other road users [Riders] Low: general public is almost invariably tolerant Highway code; Road Traffic Act Participants may feel ‘exempt’ from considering other road users Participants reminded via statement on website, that they are responsible for their own actions, and that normal traffic rules apply.
Actual conflict (Verbal abuse) with other road users [General public, motorists] Low: general public is almost invariably tolerant law; commonsense a small minority of motorists are notoriously impatient Riders reminded to maintain good atmosphere, act sensibly, responsible for self. There may be a police presence which will deter untoward behaviour on the part of onlookers
Bicycle breakdown (reparable) none (unpredictable) low Any cycle may suffer minor malfunction which may be easily fixed Rear of ride marshal will carry simple tool kit. Affected participant will wait for him.
Bicycle breakdown (IR-reparable) low none (unpredictable) More serious damage, e.g. puncture, buckled wheel Participant will withdraw, dress and seek own aid.
Sunburn / hypothermia very high Commonsense; website warnings Participants may neglect to apply sun block. Abnormal weather Participants to be made aware that responsibility for this lies with themselves. Marshals cannot supply sun block in case participant is allergic. Participants must be made aware of the effects of abnormal weather conditions (e.g. rain) and take appropriate pre-emptive action.
Circumstances blocking route (eg major road accident ahead, building fire) very low Police instructions Cannot be foreseen depending on circumstances In the event of a diversion, front marshal (who will have local knowledge of the area) will take the diversion, riders follow, police are likely to direct in these circumstances
Riders taking photographs whilst cycling very high; causes collisions and injury Commonsense; website warnings Almost inevitable among overexcited cyclists All marshals to warn snapping riders to stop to take pictures




2017 saw the highest number of riders for Cardiff so far. 150 people joined the ride on a glorious hot and sunny day. Due to events in the Bay area it was not possible to stop at the Senedd building this year, or indeed ride past. The route still took us to Cardiff Bay after the city centre, and also included a loop of one of the city's main parks before finishing back at the start point, Museum Avenue. Music played all the way, and the response of the public was overwhelmingly positive. There was one incident near the river when a group of youths caused some problems. Overall though, a highly successful ride.


2016 saw the second highest number of participants in Cardiff so far, with 145 riders counted. The ride took place on a glorious hot and sunny day, and riders took advantage to cool off both in the river and fountains in the city! There were stops at the Senedd Building in Cardiff Bay and other points along the route. African drummers were present at the start venue and created a great atmosphere as people prepared themselves for the ride. Again, support from the public was overwhelmingly positive. Riders were body painted carrying messages to show the purpose of the ride. Curious members of the public asked about the ride. A huge success, the ride was held in a 'carnival like' atmosphere with music playing all along the way.


This was the first year that the Cardiff ride was held on a Sunday. This day and date was chosen due to other events taking place on the Saturday. In the end, it was a good choice and may set a precedent for future rides. Many participants considered the 2015 ride to be the best yet. The weather certainly helped boost numbers to the highest yet for Cardiff, at around 140 people with a good mix of gender and age. There were three stops during the ride, the main one being at the Senedd Building in Cardiff Bay. The ride had excellent support from onlookers who cheered and applauded as the ride passed by. Large banners attached on poles above some bikes ensured that our message reached many people.


2010 Ride Report - On the Saturday the 12th of June, Cardiff's third running of the World Naked Bike Ride took place. The ride, highlighting the need for a less oil dependent future, the vulnerability of cyclists in city traffic and promoting body freedom was, once again, a great success. Full report coming soon!


62 riders began the ride, according to Facebook event report. However, we picked up some extra riders along the way and ended with 67.

2009 Ride Report - On the Saturday the 13th of June, Cardiff's second running of the World Naked Bike Ride took place. The ride, highlighting the need for a less oil dependent future, the vulnerability of cyclists in city traffic and promoting body freedom was, once again, a great success. After a slight delay with the police escort and a last minute route adjustment, the ride set of at 4:15p.m. with 62 riders. The public reception of the ride was excellent, word seemed to have gotten around that the ride was taking place and people looked like they were expecting us. After picking up five extra riders at the halfway mark we headed back through town and ended the ride with a respectable 67 riders. The media coverage of the ride was awesome. We made the BBC Wales evening news, and had good coverage in the Wales on Sunday and the South Wales Echo. A good time was had by all and there is much to look forward to with next years ride. I hope we can build up the numbers for the next one. I think we have gained a few new recruits already so we have a head start for 2010.


Wales's first ever WNBR took place in Cardiff on 14 June 2008. An enthusiastic band of riders planned the ride within a relatively short time and an atmosphere of growing enthusiasm and commitment was generated. Following this hugely positive event, interest in the 2009 ride soon began spreading far and wide.

2008 Ride Report - Cardiff's first ever WNBR was a resounding success - declared by many to have been awesome! The sun shone (despite forecasts suggesting otherwise) and at 4.00 p.m. 37 riders rode out onto the streets of a busy Cardiff which was also marking Veterans Day and preparing for a Bruce Springstein concert! A wonderful mix of people sporting a range of adornments and slogans made their way from Cathays Park to Cardiff Bay and back along the city's main highways, with an outstanding response from the public who snapped up all the on-ride leaflets in no time! Media coverage was wide and positive. The police escort were efficient and friendly. Riders came from all round Cardiff and area as well as a few from Bristol, Hereford and other places. Participants applauded loudly when we reached our destination in Sophia Gardens and pledged to come back next year for an even more positive and powerful event.

Media coverage


Wales Online coverage.​


Wales Online covered the event here:






Our supporter Sandeha has always produced a great coverage of the Cardiff ride and 2015 was no exception. Links to his albums are shown below.

Rhisiart has provided this wonderful album of the 2015 ride:


Pondman has a great account of the 2014 ride. Follow the same link as for his 2012 set.


Pondman and Rhisiart have provided some nice coverage of the 2012 ride





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also in the Flickr Group noted above





Discussion groups

  • WNBR Cardiff/Caerdydd Yahoo! group – Join to give an idea of numbers and for announcements and discussion of the ride. Having joined you can access the "Files" section to print A4 size Welsh language ride cards – with WNBR slogans - to use on your bike on the ride (for English versions, see London)
  • WNBR UK Yahoo! group – announcements and discussion of all UK rides

Press contact

Becky (WNBR Cardiff coordinator);

Dee (WNBR Cardiff coordinator)
  07845 938804; 07845 938804;

To arrange interviews with riders or get a press release call the Cardiff ride Coordinators on the email addresses above.

Supportive local groups