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I weld y tudalen hwn yn Gymraeg, dilyner y ddolen hon Cy:Caerdydd


WNBR Cardiff - World Naked Bike Ride! - Saturday 14th June 2014

The Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride highlights the urgent need to escape vehicle dependency and focus on the power and individuality of the human being.

  • Protesting against oil dependency
  • Campaigning to curb car culture
  • Promoting green energy
  • Supporting sustainable transport
  • Making cycling safer for all
  • Celebrating our bikes and bodies


  • Yahoo Group :
  • Coordinators : Nick Wysoczanskyj - Email / Tel 07929 212507 & Ronnie Basson – Email / Tel 07880 854678

The Cardiff WNBR is part of Bike Week (15-23 June 2013).

Bike Week, 15-23 June 2013

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund provides local organisers with
money for poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.


Next ride

Date: 14th June 2014
Time: Gather at 2PM to get ready, paint yourself, decorate your bike etc. Setting off at 3PM
Location: Park Place, grassed area to rear of National Museum and adjacent to Cardiff University Main Building. See below for directions.

First Planning Meeting 2012

The first planning meeting for the 2012 ride will take place at in the next coupe of weeks. Probably at the Rummer Tavern, Duke Street (opposite the castle). We'll be the ones with the bright pink World Naked Bike Ride flag on the table.

If you fancy helping out in whatever way however large or small or if you just want to come along and meet some fellow riders please get in touch as it would reassure me greatly. I had a great time last year and felt so proud with the success of the ride. It also taught me some valuable skills, enhancing my CV and giving me something interesting to talk about at job interviews (and I did get the job!). Lets meet up, share some ideas and have a laugh. We'll be updating the wiki after the meeting so keep an eye open for further information at the end of March.

Second Planning Meeting 2012

The second planning meeting Okay! Short notice I know, but necessary:

There will be a 'planning' meeting on Thursday evening at the Rummer Tavern (14 Duke Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AY), at 7.30pm (ish). It's broadly just so I can pick up and distribute the posters and flyers which are printed and ready to go, so if you want to pop a poster somewhere, or fancy being a bit proactive and dishing out some flyers, please pop along. We'll be there for an hour or so. However, that said, anybody who does want to pop along for any other reason; either to offer ideas or help in running this years ride, you're more than welcome to come. Hopefully, I'll see a couple of you there.

Final Planning Meeting 2012

The final planning meeting of 2012 will take place in late May. Once again I'll be the one with the bright pink World Naked Bike Ride flag on the table. We will be discussing promotions and press releases, posters and flyers will be available, if you would like to help out in this area or just meet up with your fellow riders for a drink please feel free to come along and bring a friend!



2010 Ride Report - On the Saturday the 12th of June, Cardiff's third running of the World Naked Bike Ride took place. The ride, highlighting the need for a less oil dependent future, the vulnerability of cyclists in city traffic and promoting body freedom was, once again, a great success. Full report coming soon!


62 riders began the ride, according to Facebook event report. However, we picked up some extra riders along the way and ended with 67.

2009 Ride Report - On the Saturday the 13th of June, Cardiff's second running of the World Naked Bike Ride took place. The ride, highlighting the need for a less oil dependent future, the vulnerability of cyclists in city traffic and promoting body freedom was, once again, a great success. After a slight delay with the police escort and a last minute route adjustment, the ride set of at 4:15p.m. with 62 riders. The public reception of the ride was excellent, word seemed to have gotten around that the ride was taking place and people looked like they were expecting us. After picking up five extra riders at the halfway mark we headed back through town and ended the ride with a respectable 67 riders. The media coverage of the ride was awesome. We made the BBC Wales evening news, and had good coverage in the Wales on Sunday and the South Wales Echo. A good time was had by all and there is much to look forward to with next years ride. I hope we can build up the numbers for the next one. I think we have gained a few new recruits already so we have a head start for 2010.


Wales's first ever WNBR took place in Cardiff on 14 June 2008. An enthusiastic band of riders planned the ride within a relatively short time and an atmosphere of growing enthusiasm and commitment was generated. Following this hugely positive event, interest in the 2009 ride soon began spreading far and wide.

2008 Ride Report - Cardiff's first ever WNBR was a resounding success - declared by many to have been awesome! The sun shone (despite forecasts suggesting otherwise) and at 4.00 p.m. 37 riders rode out onto the streets of a busy Cardiff which was also marking Veterans Day and preparing for a Bruce Springstein concert! A wonderful mix of people sporting a range of adornments and slogans made their way from Cathays Park to Cardiff Bay and back along the city's main highways, with an outstanding response from the public who snapped up all the on-ride leaflets in no time! Media coverage was wide and positive. The police escort were efficient and friendly. Riders came from all round Cardiff and area as well as a few from Bristol, Hereford and other places. Participants applauded loudly when we reached our destination in Sophia Gardens and pledged to come back next year for an even more positive and powerful event.

About the ride

Assembly point

The assembly point was is a quiet, enclosed area with grass and trees, easily found to the rear of the National Museum of Wales. The Museum is located in the Civic Centre in Cathays Park, immediately next door to City Hall, with its distinctive tower. The area in question is between Park Place and Museum Avenue. Here is a map of the assembly location. This is also the intended assembly point for 2011.

Dress code

Come as bare as you dare. Nudity makes a great statement, and many of us will be completely naked again this year - but if you're more comfortable in a little clothing, that's fine too. On previous rides, riders wore shorts, bras, swimwear, body paint, head-dresses, wigs, sunglasses etc. Most wore footwear and brought bags to carry clothes. Body painting and adornment, customised bikes, portable seed-trays and other creative expression are all strongly encouraged.


The route of Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride 2012 is still being planned. However it will broadly follow previous rides routes Form the Civic Centre to the Bay and back into town, ending as always in Sophia Gardens. This year we are looking to extend the ride with a ride around the park, assuming that the weather is good! Hopefully it will make the end of the ride a little less abrupt that previous years, where we have simply cycled in to the park and ended the ride. Last year, unfortunately, we were forced cut out the short distance that we usually do on Queen Street following a number of complaints from other cyclists who don't see why we should be allowed to cycle on Queen Street whilst they are banned from doing so. We will be trying to get this portion of the route reinstated this year. It's a shame that fellow cyclists should be so petty minded. Proof, if it were ever needed, that nobody is perfect! Below is the 2010 route as an example for new riders. We'll post the 2012 route as soon as possible.

Last Years Route -

Assembly Point - Cathays Park - Grassed area adjacent to the University Main Building (bounded by Park Place and Museum Avenue).

Setting off at 4PM - Form up on the path facing Museum Avenue. Left into Museum Avenue.

Museum Avenue, City Hall Road, left into King Edward VII Avenue. Gorsedd Gardens Road, right into Park Place. Greyfriars Street, North Road. Duke Street, Castle Street, Westgate Street, St Mary Street, Callaghan Square, Bute Street, Herbert Street, Lloyd George Avenue. Onto cycle path (left hand pavement) after Hemingway Road.

Over crossing to pass in front of Millennium Centre, to the rear of the Pier Head Building, pause in front of the Senedd.

Set off along the front of the Pier Head Building, returning past the front of the Millennium Centre. Left across the forecourt to the crossing giving access to the westbound carriageway of Lloyd George Avenue. Across the crossing and north up Lloyd George Avenue. Left into Herbert Street, ahead into Callaghan Square, St. Mary Street, right into Mill Lane, The Hayes, Trinity Street, St. Johns Street, left into Duke Street, Castle Street, Cowbridge Road East. Onto the cycle path (left hand pavement) over Cardiff Bridge and into Sophia Gardens.

This year we will be concluding with a lap of Sophia Gardens to enable a disabled cyclist to join us and will be finishing up as per usual near the Mochyn Du pub where we can get dressed and head for a well earned pint!

Riders are advised bring a bag or pannier to carry clothes and possessions.


The police have facilitated all previous rides; riders found the officers most helpful, and they in turn fully acknowledged our right to demonstrate in our chosen manner saying that they were impressed with the public reaction last year. One of the veterans on the Veteran Day celebrations 2008 actually told the police that he thought that it was marvelous. To put it simply, simple nudity isn't illegal in the UK, but using nudity intentionally to cause harassment, alarm or distress may be illegal. Don't act in an offensive or lewd manner and you are not going to get arrested.

Photography Policy

The 2012 ride, uses a photographic policy based on that used by the London ride, setting out the terms under which photographers will operate. It is hoped that any riders or members of the press wishing to photograph the ride will also feel able to abide by it's terms.


Photographing and filming policy

This is the first policy written by members of the World Naked Bike Ride - Cardiff.


Photography is encouraged throughout the ride; it is a means of promoting the message propagated through banners and body paint. Being in a public place, the law does not often support individuals but rather photographers rights, during this ride, there are some restrictions to photographs and videos. This policy is intended to discourage any inconsiderate photography which may take place. We wish to create a safe and supportive environment for all riders. All photographers present at the ride must abide by this policy. Those who don't will be asked to leave. This includes any riders and press. This policy will be available to anyone to download.


Photographers are expected to behave in a respectful, friendly and reasonable manner at all times. If you make any rider uncomfortable, you will be required to leave the assembly/ride area.

AT THE ASSEMBLY AREA (before and after the ride)

Ask permission before photographing a rider

No photos of people dressing, or undressing, being painted are permitted unless requested by riders

No photos of people in the designated no photo zone


No close-up photos without consent from the rider

ENFORCING THE PHOTO POLICY (by you the riders)

Our hope is that all riders will be aware of the policy and feel comfortable enough to step forward to debate the policy. If any riders should wish not to be photographed at the event, there are some measures you are able to take to prevent this happening.

1) Contact the World Naked BikeRide Cardiff photographer - Leah Sian at or talk to her in person at one of the meetings. She will make sure to avoid you at the event. If you contact by email it would be beneficial to get a head shot to identify you at the event.

2) At World Naked Bike Ride London riders often create a "Photo Policy Enforcement Board" a sign to attach to card with an example of the policy and a sign that says, "This Photo was taken without permission". This can be downloaded from the following link:

Public transport

The 2012 ride will start within easy cycling distance of Cardiff Central Rail Station, served by frequent trains from various parts of Wales and England.

Signing up

It's not essential to sign up for the ride - you can just turn up on the day - but it does help to get an idea of anticipated numbers. To sign up, visit the yahoo group at . Facebook users can also sign up by following the link to our facebook events page or join our new Facebook Group ( to let us know that you want to come along!.


In December 2007 Johnny Zapatos's film about the London WNBR in 2005 was given a showing at the Chapter Centre. The film provoked a good deal of positive discussion. To contribute ideas for other showings, or ideas for any other events anywhere in Wales, please visit the WNBR Cardiff/Caerdydd Yahoo! group.


Cardiff riders are underway with planning the 2012 WNBR! Please get in touch via WNBR Cardiff/Caerdydd or WNBR UK Yahoo! groups if you plan to ride or if you are able to help.

Planning meetings

Whether involved in planning previous years, or a new rider for 2012, you are very welcome to join in the preparations this year. If you would like to contribute, please come to the initial meeting, or post a message on the wnbr-cardiff/caerdydd Yahoo! group. Also join our Facebook page at ( or join our new Facebook Group ( to let us know that you want to come along!


Posters & Flyers

The designs for the 2012 posters and flyers are still a work in progress. Copies will be available at planning meetings for anyone who would like to help publicize the ride or if you ask nicely and live, work or study in Cardiff I might be able to drop some round to you. If you live further afield and e-mail me I can e-mail you back with PDF's so you can print off some of your own or if you have a really great idea for somewhere to advertise, such as a bike shop or mountain biking centre, I might be able to stretch to a stamp. Please remember that Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride only receives very limited funding for printing costs from World Naked Bike Ride UK and use those posters and flyers wisely or better still help us out by printing/photocopying your own (at work maybe!), thanks.

Slogan Suggestions

Got any suggestions? Just add them here or let me know. I can get Welsh/English translations if necessary.

Media coverage





  • Rhisiart Hincks - Ipernity Any shots with frontal nudity are only viewable if you are registered on ipernity and then in the group for all years and all rides, which is the one given below:
  • [1] This is the Ipernity group for all WNBR rides. There are other groups, year by year, on Ipernity, but not specifically for Cardiff. To see the photos in the group for all years, you need to register with Ipernity (free).






  • [2](Wilstephens)
  • [3] (Niltiac1)
  • [4] (Niltiac1)
  • [5] (Niltiac1)
  • [6] (Niltiac1)
  • [7] (Niltiac1)



also in the Flickr Group noted above





Discussion groups

  • WNBR Cardiff/Caerdydd Yahoo! group – Join to give an idea of numbers and for announcements and discussion of the ride. Having joined you can access the "Files" section to print A4 size Welsh language ride cards – with WNBR slogans - to use on your bike on the ride (for English versions, see London)
  • WNBR UK Yahoo! group – announcements and discussion of all UK rides

Press contact

Ronnie (WNBR Cardiff coordinator)
  07880 854678

Nick (WNBR Cardiff coordinator);
  07929 212507

To arrange interviews with riders or get a press release call the Cardiff ride Coordinators.

Supportive local groups


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