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WNBR Nudecastle 2009

  • Date: Saturday 14 March 2009
  • Time: 2pm
  • Location: The little park on the South side of Hamilton Railway Station

Ride location and how to get there

Assemble with clothes ON in the little park on the Southern side of Hamilton Railway Station. Please do not drive to the event because it will create greenhouse gases and contradicts the purpose of the event. Please ride your bike to the assembly place or take the train if it is too far for you to ride. CityRail allows passengers to take their bikes on the train.

CityRail Timetables

Hunter Line
Newcastle & Central Coast Line

How to participate

Sydney rides on Sunday the 15th of March 2009. Sydney is within commuting distance of Newcastle so keen participants can ride in both of these places.

Planning the WNBR Newcastle 2009 is underway. Please participate in planning decisions by joining the WNBR Newcastle Yahoo! Group. The ride will assemble at 2pm on Saturday the 14th of March 2009 in the little park on the Southern side of Hamilton Railway Station. Visitors from out-of-town will be helped with the loan of a bike. Body painting is optional (though encouraged) so you can write slogans and protest messages that tell the public what the ride is about. Body painting will take place at a secret private location. The ride will lead participants to the WNBR Newcastle after party at the Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club which will feature music, BBQ and vegan food and beer.

Please read the following information first. This page is the most important source of information on WNBR Newcastle.
After this page read the other Wiki WNBR Newcastle pages (Newcastle_archive and Newcastle_2008) and have a look at WNBR Australia (official site).

What to bring

  • A bike in working order. If you have a bike in need of repair or do not have a bike please visit the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre .You can ride a scooter or skates if you want to because any form of human powered transport is OK.
  • You MUST have a proper bike helmet.
  • Bring your friends.
  • You need to arrive clothed. Seriously, some people have not done this.
  • You need decent shoes for cycling because you may hurt your feet otherwise.
  • You need somewhere to put your clothes while you are riding. A luggage rack on your bike, or panniers or a basket that you can put your bag with your clothes. Clothing is optional on the ride and you are perfectly welcome to ride clothed or naked or somewhere in between.
  • Apply sunscreen before the event.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Bring some money for the after party.

What not to bring

  • Alcohol or drugs. Ride in control and safe. There will be alcohol available at the after party.

In months before the ride

It may seem like things are quiet between World Naked Bike Rides but the Newcastle organisers are working now to make the WNBR Nudecastle 2009 enjoyable for everyone. In the lead-up to the WNBR there are many other community grassroots events in Newcastle that are of interest to Naturists, Biketivists, Pacifists and Environmentalists. Have a look at the links to organisations that endorse the WNBR in Newcastle (see Newcastle#Endorsement below) and Australia and you will find something that will inspire your passion for expressing yourself for the benefit of the planet. All the organisations that endorse WNBR are friendly though our closest ally is Critical Mass (see Newcastle#Critical_Mass below). WNBR Nudecastle encourages everyone interested in participating in WNBR to also participate in Critical Mass.

Get a bike

Do you need a bike? Are you broke? Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre has going bikes from $5 to $50 or you can fix an old bike for yourself for FREE! Volunteers & bike/part donations welcome. Open most Fridays and Saturdays 9am to 5pm, 106 Robert St Islington, phone 49616582.

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre poster

Getting email updates before the ride

If you want to have emails sent to you with details of pre-ride events, reminders of the WNBR Nudecastle time and start location, or discuss any apects of the upcoming ride: you need to join the discussion group (see Newcastle#Discussion_group.2Fs below). If you have not got a Yahoo! account, you can set one up for free in about 5 minutes. You can use your existing email account or get a Yahoo! email account for free. You can set the email account up using a nickname if you want to as well. The management of Yahoo! have classified the discussion group as "adults only" but only because they are puritanical prudes who do not know the difference between the human body and pornography. WNBR is nothing to do with pornography so do not worry.


You do not have to register, pay money, sign anything or give your personal details to anyone. There are suggestions on the international pages of WNBR websites that say you should complete the on-line registration process. This is NOT mandatory for the WNBR Nudecastle. Vetted media people will attend the WNBR Nudecastle 2008 to photograph and video the event so if you have any concerns about this you should consider painting your face, wearing a novel mask or big dark sunglasses to preserve your anonymity.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable througout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.

Women’s Support Woman

Christabel has volunteered for the role of Women’s Support Woman for WNBR Nudecastle. The Women’s Support Woman (WSW) role is to offer special support to women who have any concerns about their participation or potential participation in the event. The WSW will be attending the whole of the event and will be available to help all women participants. The WSW will be making a special effort to ensure that female participants feel comfortable while being a mentor. If you wish to assist in this role or would like to ask any relevant questions, please approach Christabel before the ride.


Media enquiries for Newcastle: please contact Marte Kinder the WNBR Newcastle Organiser.

Please think ahead if you want to have a media presence on the day of the WNBR Nudecastle and contact Marte well ahead of time because your involvement will need vetting.

Media coverage

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

These are the current: flyer and poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Newcastle and Sydney 2009 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?


Critical Mass

Critical Mass Newcastle and the World Naked Bike Ride endorse and participate in all events held under both names in Newcastle. Critical Mass ride on the first Friday of every month and starts from Civic Park, opposite Newcastle Town Hall. Assemble at 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start. Ride Daily! Celebrate Monthly!

For more information on Critical Mass see: Critical Mass World Information , Critical Mass Australiaor Newcastle Critical Mass Discussion Group or email Daniel on newcastlecriticalmass{at}

Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan

World Naked Bike Ride Newcastle supports and endorses the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan motion submitted to Newcastle City Council for consideration on 17 February 2009 by Micheal Osborne of the Newcastle Greens.

Events where Newcastle WNBR was represented

Events where the 2009 WNBR Nudecastle was promoted and/or the Newcastle WNBR team took part in bike activities or supported in some way.

Newcastle Planning Meeting


  • Date: Saturday, 24 January 2009
  • Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Location: Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre
  • Street: 106 Robert Street, Islington
  • Dinner follows at the local pub where further planning can take place

The proposal is to discuss WNBR Nudecastle 2008 while fixing bikes at the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre followed by dinner at the local pub where more discussion can take place.
The NBEC is open from 9am to 5pm and you can discuss stuff with Marte for most of the day. Dinner at the pub from 5pm onwards could be the focal point. Last year the post ride party was organised at a meeting like this and it would be great to see last year's BBQ committee reform and perhaps even see new helpers willing to volunteer. Other tasks and topics need to be covered and whatever sized contribution you are willing to make would be most welcome.

Everyone is welcome! Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm

The Otesha Project (Australia): Cycling for Sustainability

The objectives of The Otesha Project (Australia) are to increase awareness about the impacts of the products and resources we consume, increase the number of responsible consumer choices made by young Australians, and increase the number of young role models and sustainability advocates.

The Otesha NSW Regional Cycling Tour

17 tour members will embark on a bicycle tour from Brisbane to Newcastle (over 1000 KM's), explore the eastern coastline, engage youth about sustainable consumption, and live collectively in a bicycle crew.

The Otesha Cyclists will stay in Nelson Bay on the night of the 18 December and then cycle into Newcastle on Friday 19 December. The riders will be in Newcastle for 3 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun). The tour will officially end on Monday 22 December 2008.

During their stay in Newcastle they will be visiting schools and community groups in the area to present their theatre performance and workshops.

The Otesha Bike Parade and Party


The Bike Parade preceeds the Party. Both legs of the event will be all ages.

Otesha Bike Parade
  • Date: Saturday the 20th of December
  • Time: Decorate or fix your bike some time between 9am and 5pm. The Bike Parade begins at 5pm.
  • Place: Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre

Come to the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre at 106 Robert St Islington anytime between 9am and 5pm. If you get there early you can fix your bike or find a pre-loved bike to ride. The Otesha Crew will be hanging out at the NBEC to help decorate yourself and your bike for the parade. They'll have some recycled material for you to use. Or bring your own recycled fabrics, cardboard, paints, colourful and funky stuff. The parade seeks to spread the positive message of empowerment and sustainability in a loud, colourful and fun way that engages the public. The Otesha Bike Parade takes us to the Otesha Party.

Otesha Party
  • Date: Saturday the 20th of December
  • Time: doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start
  • Venue: The Royal Exchange Hybrid Performing Arts Gallery, 32-34 Bolton Street Newcastle.
  • Price: a $5 door charge applies for bike riders arriving with the parade. More door charge applies for others - so go in the Parade!
  • Food: Vegan and Vegitarian Hare Krishna food is $5 per meal.

The evening will feature fun theatrical presentations by the Otesha riders, music, a photo show of the NSW Otesha regional tour, cycling activist films, food and refreshment.
The Party is being catered by Govinda's Hare Krishna restaurant. All the food is yummy, vegan and vegitarian and healthy. If you are coming to the party and plan to eat, please help us estimate the number of meals and email Marte of your intention.
Musical entertainment may be provided by Tim Crossey.
The exact details of the programme are yet to be determined although it will be a fun get together of cycling activists, environmentalists, social justice and human rights advocates, community volunteers, pacifists, climate defenders, and assorted happy hippies and groovy artists.

Endorsement and support

The Otesha Project (Australia): Cycling for Sustainability is supported by:

This Is Not Art

Independent, emerging & experimental arts festival
02-06 October 2008, Newcastle, Australia
What is This Is Not Art about?

Bike Library


So, you want an easy way to get around town while you are enjoying the festival? You want to have fun, want to be engaged with your surroundings, you want it cheap, and you like it pollution free? BIKES. BIKES. BIKES. And BIKES!

You can pick up a push bike to ride from the Bike Library which will be operating during This Is Not Art courtesy of the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre. The Bike Library will be set up in Civic Park from 11am - 4pm every day of the festival. A fully refundable deposit is required for bike hire plus deposits for helmet and lock. Deposit prices are usually around $30 but may be less or more depending on the condition of the bike.

Pre-register now - For a ready to ride bike

If you would like to have the use of a bike during the festival, the best thing to do is to pre-register with Dan the Bike Man. Email newcastlecriticalmass[at] or phone (02) 4961 6582.

Let him know you want a bike and include any specifications you might require, such as bike size. Pre-registration BEFORE 19 SEPTEMBER is essential if you want to ensure there is a bike built and ready for you during the festival.

DIY bike repair workshops - Fix your own bike during the festival

Dan the Bike Man is mad keen for bikes. Mad keen for fixing bikes which have been discarded as junk. He reckons reclaiming and fixing up your own bike - and using it - is the best thing you can do to counter consumer-culture and its symptomatic social disaffection, as well as our dependence on petroleum, pollution and car culture. And the easiest - he'll show you how! With a little know-how and the courage to try, you can fix most bike maladies - the only new thing you need is wet cement for punctures. Come to the Bike Library in Civic Park any time 11am - 4pm for a workshop on fixing up a bike.

Bike Library & DIY Bike Repair Workshops
  • Civic Park, Newcastle
  • Thursday 02, Friday 03, Saturday 04, Sunday 05 & Monday 06 October
  • 11.00 - 16.00 (i.e. 11am to 4pm)
Fix your own bike before the festival

Alternatively, if you live locally, drop into the centre prior to the festival and build your own bike for FREE with the help of bike inspired volunteers. 106 Roberts St, Islington. Saturday's 9am - 1pm.

Cultural Stomp 2008

Newcastle’s annual Multicultural and Community Festival, Cultural STOMP, to be held in Civic Park on Saturday May 17 from 9am to 9pm, will this year take the theme of Water. WNBR will participate by supporting and helping the Bike Corral at The STOMP Festival.