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Exeter WNBR


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The Exeter WNBR is part of Team Green Britain Bike Week (18-26 June 2011).

Team Green Britain Bike Week, 18-26 June 2011

We are planning a new ride for 2011. ... ... Saturday, 11th June 2011

With approx. 3,000 cyclists in Exeter, this city needs to be part of the World Naked Bike Ride 2011 happening!

A peaceful, positive and fun protest exposing the need to rediscover non oil dependent modes of transport, and highlight the vulnerability of cyclists as well as meeting new people and having fun decorating our bodies!

Bodies, as dare as you bare, are more important than stark raving nudity, so come along attired to whatever degree you like and we can all cycle together to stop traffic, and make some noise!

The ride will form part of at least 12 World Naked Bike Rides in the UK in the middle of June 2011. And at least 70 rides across the world.

It also celebrates 5 Years of Exeter being a Cycle Demonstration Town.

Here's the Route Timings:

 10:00    Gather at Duckes Marsh for discussion and body painting
 12:00    Leave Duckes Marsh
 12:10    Piazza Terracina
 12:15    Exe Bridges
 12:20    Coombe Street
 12:25    Enter Exeter High Street
 12:30    Debenhams/John Lewis
 12:35    Duke of York - Sidwell Street
 12:40    Roundabout at top of Sidwell Street
 12:50    Return to Debenhams along Sidwell Street
 12:55    Clocktower roundabout (via New North Road)
 01:00    Southernhay via Queen Street
 01:20    Leave Southernhay
 01:25    Coombe Street (via Acorn roundabout)
 01:45    Return to Duckes Marsh

Total time 1hr 45mins

If you would like to join the organising collective let us know... su3052@eclipse.co.uk or call 07801 136937.

--Maurice 18 July 2010

Please donate to the WNBR UK Fund

The UK World Naked Bike Ride fund provides local organisers with
money for poster/flyer printing, advertising, ride equipment etc.
Please give generously.

Next ride

Date: Saturday 11 June 2011
Time: 10 am
Location: Duckes Marsh


2011 will be the first WNBR held in Exeter.

Media coverage



The Law

see Police Statement to BBC TV at Portsmouth WNBR 2011



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