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The Edinburgh WNBR is part of Team Green Britain Bike Week (18-26 June 2011).

Team Green Britain Bike Week, 18-26 June 2011

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Next ride

Date: 11 June 2011
Time: 3pm
Location: Starting from Middle Meadow Walk, Edinburgh

Ride information

Dress Code: "Is Nudity mandatory?"

It's not such a silly question when you think about the name of the event but No, nudity is not mandatory.

The official dress code is that genitalia should be covered as well as nipples, to avoid scaring small children and horses, and after that, go wild.

In previous years, riders have worn shorts, bras, swimwear, body paint, wigs, sunglasses etc. Most wear footwear and bring bags to carry clothes. Body painting and adornment, customised bikes and other creative expression are all strongly encouraged.

See also the United Kingdom FAQ for more information on this topic


Although there has been a lot of media attention on the legality of nudity on these rides it really is something of a non-issue. For the record, anyone who turns up fully nude will be risking arrest on a charge of "Outraging Public Decency". Older and wiser heads have informed us that this has been the case for most rides in the early years, we have just been stuck with it because Edinburgh WNBR has so far never run continuously for more than a year or two, meaning negotiations have to be opened afresh each time.

This is an organised event, and there will be a police escort. Since the Police are there for our protection (we will be riding en-masse in traffic after all) we would prefer not to aggravate them unnecessarily. The Police were fantastic and friendly in 2010 and this event would like to continue having an amicable relationship.

The clothing options are pretty simple: Bare-as-you-Dare (except for Nipples and Nadgers)

Now on to the fun stuff: Decoration!


Now we know where the limits are (ie. the absolute bare minimum) lets have fun with it. Last year people were plastering each other with body paint, nipple tassels and comedy G-strings. We work best when we are forced to improvise, so improvise your hearts out.

We will do our best to provide some screens to get changed behind, but we guarantee nothing. Why not have a 'painting-party' beforehand, and really go to town?

Best of all, take some inspiration from other rides around the world, many of which manage to post pictures that are totally work-safe due to the sheer weight of ornamentation!


Edinburgh prefers riders rather than photographers. Rider-photographers are OK but we will probably be using the London photography policy unless posted otherwise. That means if your photography behaviour is unwelcome, you'll be required to leave.


Middle Meadow Walk is a long tree lined avenue through the Meadows Park. At the north end of the Walk is Teviot Place and at the south end is Argyle Place. Here is a link to the map and here is a map of the Meadows. Here is an excellent photograph that shows what Middle Meadows Walk looks like.

Publicise the ride

Please help get the word out about this ride. Circulate leaflets. These may be available for collection from a central Edinburgh location (TBA). We'll put a downloadable version here shortly.

Get involved

If you want to get more actively involved in the ride, register your interest in the ride at [1]. Also please join the yahoo group for General UK rides announcements and discussion

It helps to get an idea of numbers if you register your intent to participate in this ride by filling in the Registration form at the main World Naked Bike Ride site.



Saturday 11 June 2011

In spite of temperatures of less than ten degrees and continuous rain, 10 people were still game enough to make the ride wearing only bodypaint and some scraps of lycra. The ride started at approx 4:30pm, half an hour late due to a last minute storage issue.


Saturday 12 June 2010

Our WNBR started at 3pm with about 20 to 30 participants - check pictures below


Saturday 13 June 2009

Ride report:


Sunday 29 June 2008

Ride report:


A partially-clothed WNBR took place in Edinburgh on 12 June 2004 and it had more participants than the London ride on the same day. At least one rider participated in both rides!







Media coverage







See also United Kingdom page

Discussion group/s

  • WNBR UK Yahoo! group for Announcements and discussion of all UK rides.

See also United Kingdom page

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