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Canberra 2010

Date: Sunday 21 Mar 2010
Time: 11am for 12pm ride
Location: The Kuttabul Place carpark (at the end of Barrine Drive), immediately SW of the Commonwealth Avenue and Parkes Way junction

Ride report

Check the links in the 2010 Photos and 2010 Videos sections (below) for photos, video and commentary of the 2010 ride.

Ride details

Canberra will ride at 12pm on Sunday 21 March. Come early (10.30/11.00am) for bodypainting, bike decoration and general prep. Remember it's bare as you dare, so there's no pressure to strip all the way down. (See the dot point list at the end of this section regarding ride requirements..)

If you want to support the ride, but don't want to actually ride, you are welcome to help with organising the ride, bodypainting on the day, providing water/drinks halfway through the ride and so much more.. just let us know you are interested.

The ride will be FREE! Everyone is welcome to join the ride. After the ride there might be a BBQ, beers at the pub or some other type of celebration which will probably be pay-as-you-go.

This is the current route planned for WNBR Canberra Ride - 21 March 2010.

2010 Canberra Route

The start location is indicated with a red place marker on the above map. 35.286265,149.125875&spn=0.001848,0.003428&z=18 Google satellite image of the start location.

OK, so the ride in it's current incarnation in Canberra might be more accurately described as the World Scantily Clad Bike Ride. Federal Police and ACT/Federal authorities have requested our compliance with the following:

- You MUST have a proper bike helmet.
- You MUST have bike lights, front and rear.
- Bring a bike lock.
- Bring your friends.
- You need to arrive clothed. Seriously, some people have not done this.
- You need decent shoes for cycling because you may hurt your feet otherwise.
- You need somewhere to put your clothes while you are riding. A luggage rack on your bike, or panniers or a basket that you can put your bag with your clothes. We have a support crew who can transport your belongings to the refreshment stops along the way if you wish to not carry anything during your ride.
- Clothing is optional on the ride, but the Australian Federal Police have requested that a minimal amount of clothing or bodypaint is worn on the ride this year ie: cover nipples on girls, and coverage of genitals on both genders.
- Bring a bottle of water. You are also welcome to bring food to eat with other riders after the ride.
- Bring sunscreen.
- Do NOT bring alcohol or drugs. Ride in control and safe. Obviously intoxicated or drug affected people will not be allowed on the ride.
- Children are recommended to wear some clothing such as underwear on the ride. It’s a long way for little tykes and sensitive skin.
- Guard against inflammation by covering seats, and using anti-chafe products. We will have some seat covers available on the day.
- Roller bladers, consider knee, elbow and hand protection.
- Please advise us if you do not want to be photographed or filmed. We will have some face masks available for a few.
- We will be riding on the roads this time around so we need to obey the traffic rules for cyclists eg: two abreast in a lane, stopping at traffic lights etc (The AFP may provide some assistance at tricky intersections if they have resources or traffic is bad on the day).

Ride Planning

Planning Meeting

World Naked Bike Ride - Canberra 2010 Planning Sk8 and Ride
Ride and sk8 fun followed by drinks, food and chat about WNBR
We are meeting weekly at The Front, 2pm on Sundays. Refer to Facebook:

Recent Developments

Canberra will hold a WNBR in 2010. There is a facebook event for the ride: World Naked Bike Ride - Canberra 2010.

There is keen interest among the WNBR Canberra Facebook network to participate in a 2010 ride. Several people have shown an interest in helping the event in one way or another and a Organising team has formed.

An initial planning meeting was held on 21 Dec 09 with subsequent meetings held every Sunday at 2pm at the Front (Lyneham shops). Please join the planning meeting group: World Naked Bike Ride - Canberra 2010 Planning Sk8 and Ride on facebook to get involved and volunteer. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please also add Wnbr Canberra as a Facebook friend for updates, networking and volunteering.

Fundraiser 2010

On the weekend before the ride in collaboration with Canberra Muscian's Club we are holding a party called "CICLONUDISTA". Come and see some of Canberra's best bands and have a trial bodypaint. Five great bands (possibly playing less than fully clothed). Free body painting, licensed bar, freak and vintage bikes, clothing is optional, enjoying yourself is not.

Sat 13th March, 8pm
MacGregor Hall, Acton
$10/8 (CMC members)

Dub Dub Goose
Lady Grey
James Fahy Trio
Jude Kohn

Visit the facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=323351362598


Media enquiries for Canberra: please contact the WNBR Canberra Organiser





Media coverage


Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

Canberra Ride 21 March 2010

This is the current flyer/poster to be used for the WNBR Canberra 2010 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them.


If you want to print some stickers.. try these on for size