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Canberra 2009

Date: Sunday 15 Mar 2009
Time: 12pm (Noon)
Location: Glebe Park Gazebo, Ballumbir St

Ride report

The inaugural Canberra edition of the World Naked Bike Ride was a great success with almost 30 riders in various stages of dress enjoying the sunny day by riding around Lake Burley Griffin. Our choice to meet and undress in a public place was not exactly well thought out as the need to get naked (illegal) in order to be body painted in front of the two police officers who turned up before most of the riders made it difficult. However, some strategically placed painting and undressing spots behind the ample bushes proved successful as we emerged in our painted glory expecting to be immediately apprehended by the four police officers now in attendance. With no mention of any wrong-doings we rode off towards the lake and as we reached the Parliament House side foreshore encountered scores of fishermen and women out for a carp fishing competition. One bike-fishing rod altercation was recorded with a tall-bike injury ensuing however both parties involved apologised profusely before we were back on our way. By this stage the police presence seemed to have disappeared or at least pulled back a little and we rode past many amused, bemused and befuddled locals out enjoying what’s left of the sunny weather. Crossing the Kings Avenue Bridge a couple of participants decided to ditch their dacks and were unfortunately observed in this act by the constabulary. Quickly again donning the dacks at the end of the bridge they were met by a simple request that the undergarments remain on. A quick regroup and group photo later (enjoyed and captured by many of the general public and fishing contestants), we finished along the north side of the lake and back to our starting point at Glebe Park with one more tired tall bike rider spill along the way to a picnic in the grass.

Pre-Ride details

In late December 2008 and mid January 2009, 2 enthusiastic and skilled Organisers volunteered to organise the WNBR Canberra 2009. A WNBRide is going to happen! Hooray! This will be the first WNBR held in Canberra.

The ride date will be on Sunday the 15th of March 2009. Assemble clothed at 12 noon at the Glebe Park Gazebo, Ballumbir St. Bodypainting will occur before the ride so you can apply slogans, peace signs, hearts and flowers. The ride is FREE! Everyone is welcome to join the ride. After the ride there will a a BBQ which will probably be pay-as-you go.




Media Coverage

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

These are the current flyer, poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Canberra 2009 to help promote participation. Please print these, hand them around and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?


Here is a BIG POSTER with a facebook link to be used for the WNBR Canberra 2009 to help promote participation.

BIG POSTER with facebook link