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Date: Saturday 23 September 2023
Time: 11am Gathering, 12pm/Noon Start
Location: Rincon "Cupid's Arrow" Park (at the intersection of The Embarcadero & Folsom Street

Post Equinox / Pre Folsom 23 September SF Naked Bike Ride [ #WNBRsf2023 ] IV. This is our fourth and final main ride of the 2023 WNBR season. Ride as bare as you dare. Do spread the word, and let's try to make WNBR-SF our natural #CriticalMass!

Info Info: 23 September 2023 BART service advisory.

The WNBR Route Map

Ride with GPS route -


When riding to the Haight and the Panhandle, we will follow The Wiggle, which minimizes the grade of the inclines.

When riding back to Market from the Haight, we will ride a few blocks downhill on Haight St, with a maximum downhill grade of 5%.

WNBR meeting location Rincon Park, Embarcadero Blvd.

Wnbr SF 003.jpg wnbr-sf.

WNBR After-Party

  • Time: After the Ride | Location: In the Castro business area, Castro and 18th Street

  • We will meet up for food and drinks in the Castro at the end of the ride. Food can be take out or sitdown service has been an extended courtesy at a number of restaurants.

WNBR Merchants
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The WNBR Basics

WNBR San Francisco Style


  • 11:00 AM: Gather. Rincon Park, Folsom & Embarcadero Blvd., by the Cupids Arrow. Remain dressed until instructed to disrobe for the ride. Ride begins promptly at noon.

If you need to rent a bike, there are quite a few options at and around the nearby Ferry Building.


The routes vary and will typically include our favorite parts of the city such as the Embarcadero, Mission Bay, the Civic Center, the Haight, the Panhandle, and the Castro. A route plan will be published here and on our other social media pages.

When riding to the Haight or the Panhandle, we usually follow The Wiggle, which minimizes the grade of the inclines.

When riding to Market from the Haight, we usually ride a few blocks downhill on Haight St, with a maximum downhill grade of 5%.

Ride Pace and Difficulty

Just try to stay on the right shoulder in designated bike lanes or in the right lane. With enough riders, we will take up the right lane the whole way. Cars will be passing us. Most cars go slow, as drivers and passengers like getting pictures, but there can always be that impatient jerk that speeds by. Do not throw things at cars. Those that do will be told to leave and not return. Sometimes, we are on sidewalks. Always annunciate your approach "rider on your left" and use your bell if equipped. Our policy is "no riders left behind" Please do not take point and do a "Lance Armstrong" imitation. This is a protest ride, not an Olympic sprint. If you are falling behind, yell to the riders in front to hold up. We usually have a sweep rider who can notify our group to hold up for a mechanical failure or other unforeseen issue.


Out of the past twenty years, it has been seasonably mild in the 60s. A couple of times it was in the upper 70s and once in the mid 80s. As is typical for San Francisco, dress in layers, at least have a light windbreaker ready, maybe one of those transparent rain covers.

Getting there

You can ride your bike to the start from anywhere in the city. Out of town, you can ride from BART or CALTRAIN or put your bike on the front of Muni buses. If you drive, I suggest parking near the finish line somewhere in the Castro. Check for meters and time limits. There is parking enforcement on Saturdays


Your bike is in good shape if you ride frequently, but if your last ride was a WNBR, check your tires, brakes and shifters. Do your maintenance and tuning before the ride, not during it.

Bike Network

Alternative Participation

Being California, everyone does things differently. We want to offer the broadest possible welcome. First of all, obey all the Laws of Comfort! There's no nudity requirement. Whether you come clothed in a full-length Fun-Fur or just a top hat, come as bare as you dare. Most riders carry some minimal clothing to wear when arriving and departing the group. See the FAQ for more info.


Skater on Lombard

Secondly, skaters are welcome. Some skaters have joined us repeatedly! Since skaters tend to expend about 2x as much energy, and tend to roll 50% slower than bikers, skaters may wish to follow an abbreviated route. One very accomplished naked skater in the 2010 SF WNBR skated up and down the steepest part of Lombard Street, The Crookedest Street in the World, to everyone's amazement.

Public Nudity in San Francisco

The Park Police and Park Rangers have jurisdiction at the parks. SFPD has responsibility for the rest of the city and parks. We have First Amendment protection, but always be prepared to cover if asked. In general, we are protected by the First Amendment. The SFPD have been mostly friendly and have offered to escort us if the ride numbers get larger. We wish to stay on their good side, so if asked to dress, don't challenge them. Please, PLEASE don't attempt to speak for the group and antagonize the authorities. Don't assume public observing us nearby want you to mingle close to their space either. If they approach us for pictures, fine. There are still a number of the public not comfortable with public nudity, so don't impose yourself on them.

WNBR for All


Current active contacts and information

Location Links

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Publicity, Media Coverage and Ride Reports

This page contains links to press releases, media coverage and ride reports covering previous SF WNBR events. (Some of the coverage contains images of public nudity.)

Promotional Materials

This page contains links to flyers and other promotional materials for past and future SF WNBR events. (Most flyers contain images of public nudity.) Help us get the word out. Print these flyers and distribute at other protest events, sport/bike shops and college campuses. Or, create your own flyers by combining your own ideas with the materials provided.

Previous Rides

This page contains archived ride info for past rides that once appeared on this main page.


This page contains links to photo collections covering previous rides. (Obviously, these photos contain images of public nudity.)


This page contains questions and answers to many of the more common concerns regarding the SF WNBR. Thanks to Leo for this.

Ride Safety

This page discusses safety issues when riding around San Francisco. Thanks to Leo for this.