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Date: Saturday 9 Sep 2023
Time: 12:00
Location: Central Park (Dagenham)

Ride information

Join us for the 2nd; World Naked Bike Ride Protest in Romford this Summer! >Better Road Saftey for Cyclists >Curb Car Culture >Anti Oil/Fuel >Body Confidence/Freedom/Positivity 'Be Bare As You Dare'! Wear as much or as little as you like inc. Body Paint! The reason We (Some of Us) do this Ride Naked is to portray the Vulnerability of Cyclists on the Road! The Ride and Cycle to After Party is Clothing Optional!

Event Info:

Start Location: Central Park (Dagenham)

Rainham Rd N,


Enter Park by Gate next to Fire Station (using the Park Gate on the same side as Fire Stations Reception and not the Park Gate on the same side as Fire Stations Silver Gate). Inline with the back of the Fire Stn (/where path splits Left/Right) turn Right and find us in the grassy area enclosed by Trees.

Start Location 'What 3 Words': Media Asleep Point

Assemble From: 11:30 - 13:15

Body Art: 11:30 - 13:15

Depart: 13:30

Finish by: 16:30

The Route will Start with a Cycle through Dagenham to Romford Town Centre which We will loop around thrice before heading back to the start point More info about Rest Point and distance will be added soon

Please see below for Afterparty!

Please Note: There will be a small charge for Body Art and After Party!

Any Questions Please Message on us on FB or Email us at:

After Party Details:

Tbc (may not happen in 2024)