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Note: This meeting agenda was initially created by Jesse Schust who organized the London and United Kingdom rides in 2005. Since then this outline has been edited by others. Please feel free to cut and paste this page into your own cities roles page. This page should general be written in a non-city specific manner and it will generally have more activities/roles than many cities will need to accomodate the large number of possible roles. If you do find that you create a new activity or role or make an improvement to an activity or role within your local ride, consider revising these page as well.

See also: Seattle Meeting Agenda1 for comparison.


This is info about the proposed agenda for the planning meeting on (DATE). It is divided up into sections with some suggestions for things that could/should be noted/discussed under each section. This agenda will probably be slightly modified and reused for future meetings, so if you notice anything missing (especially an entire topic area), let (Meeting Coordinator) know.

If you have any suggestions for things to add/change in the agenda, please e-mail the list at (list e-mail address)

Handouts to be distributed at the meeting (and possibly provided in the Files section of Yahoo)-

  • photo policy
  • 2006 roles proposed
  • Proposal for how roles will be delegated/regulated by collective
  • route proposals

PROPOSED AGENDA - 6 April 2006

About the planning collective

  • Introductions
  • Overview of the anticipated ride planning process. Non-heirarchical/self organising.
  • How we function as a collective. 2006 roles as proposed by (Coordinator)
  • How roles are delegated and regulated by the collective (see Coordinator's proposal)
  • How the collective organises the ride in an open and fair manner.
  • In 2007, who will plan to act as rides coordinator for (Name of City)?

Route and time of the ride (painting, assembly, start, finish)

  • Should we stick with the 2005 route this year? If so, do we modify it at all?
  • Can/should we choose a route with more symbolic importance?
  • Update from police liaison and any relevant legal issues.
  • Do we need or wish to pursue parks use or street use permits with City officials?

Creating a positive and friendly atmosphere for all riders

  • Considerations specific to new riders?
  • Considerations specific to female riders?
  • Other considerations to keep in mind?
  • Do we need to modify the current photo policy at all?
  • What will we do if it rains or is very windy/cold?

Publicising the ride

  • Available in colour = Sunny business card (plus postcard & magnet - each 40p)
  • Downloadable/photocopiable = wallet size leaflets (16 per A4) and A4/5 posters.
  • Who needs leaflets, and where should they be collected from?
  • Get leaflet cafes, healthfood stores, and all local BIKE SHOPS!
  • Leafleters at Critical Mass and (other events)
  • Plan leafleting of rail commuter cyclists (List locations here, etc)
  • Festivals (leafleters needed)
  • Presence at big events (List of events, other ideas?)
  • Who will deal with our events stall? What should it include?
  • Leaflets to give out in May with all (regional) rides details (content?, who will design?)
  • Updated web/wiki sites. Any suggestions for changes or additional content?
  • Can someone suitable look after a Myspace for the (city) rides?
  • Should we send leaflets by post to any relevant groups?
  • Internet promotion (via e-mails, forums, website listings, etc)
  • Outreach to communities (especially environmental, cycling, artist, naturist/nudist)
  • Upcomming events to cover (List of events)

Documentary update

  • UK Documentary by Johnny Zapatos is nearly complete (free preview 13th April)
  • Release forms needed from interviewees
  • DVD is being completed
  • Premiere screening is being planned for May or early June (at Barbican?)
  • Who to invite to premiere? (suggestions)

Budget and Merchandise

  • Last year we kept the ride expenses below $??? (& this year below $???).
  • Pros/cons of keeping the costs low (current practice) as opposed to sponsorship
  • Actual costs = business cards, leaflets, body-paint, plus some misc small expenses
  • $??? has been donated anonymously to cover this cost
  • Additional expenses this year = tabling expenses?
  • approximately $???
  • Additional expenses this year = flags for bikes?
  • No calendar this year, and so far no T-shirt designed. Where do we get revenue?
  • What about reflective iron-on patches with logo/message?
  • Or how about stickers?
  • We have about $??? to use to create a source of revenue for next year.
  • Raising money from photos sold to press and donations
  • We could put a column into website with links that earn money for WNBR
  • Paypal/Amazon Honor System donations button on site?

Parties and events before the main event

  • Costume/minimum-making party? Bodypainting planning party? Bike art party?
  • Meet with artists/structure designers
  • Meet with performance artists (dancers, drummers) and musicians (DJs, bands). Plan skits?
  • Social event/potluck/other meetings?
  • Screenings of promotional/propaganda films for WNBR/wikipedia:clothing-optional bike rides?

Schedule for the day

(consider staggering local event if there is another WNBR event going on close by

  •  ??? am/pm - setup with Info stall, setup bodypainting structure, and photo-free zone
  •  ??? am/pm - Info stall active, bodypainting sessions start
  •  ??? am/pm - performance artists start/dancersmusicians perform
  •  ??? am/pm - distribute flyers to participants, and other flyers to hand out during ride
  •  ??? am/pm - distribute noisemakers, whistles, slogans
  •  ??? am/pm - Ride assembly at (location)
  •  ??? am/pm - Skits, speeches, pre-ride announcements
  •  ??? am/pm - Ride goes (to secondary location?) and ready for start
  •  ??? am/pm - Ride sets off
  •  ??? am/pm - Breakdown crew tears down art installations/bodypainting area/tabling and moves to secure site.
  •  ??? am/pm - Rolling start location? (people have option of disrobing away from cameras)
  •  ??? am/pm - Bathroom break opportunity #1
  •  ??? am/pm - Scheduled stop #1
  •  ??? am/pm - Bathroom break opportunity #2
  •  ??? am/pm - Scheduled stop #2
  •  ??? am/pm - Scheduled stop #3
  •  ??? am/pm - Scheduled stop #4
  •  ??? am/pm - Ride expected to return
  •  ??? am/pm - Check start site again for cleanliness, personal belongings
  •  ??? am/pm - Chillout/warmup with snacks/films at location
  •  ??? am/pm - Ride afterparty at location (bands, food, etc)

General Ride Preparations

  • Update on ride day/week/month discounts for riders
  • Donations needed? Bodypaint, food? Doorprizes for afterparty.
  • Reserve trucks/cars if needed to move larger items to event staging area.
  • Reserve generators/fuel (or arrrange mobile solar power unit) for DJ/live music if large amounts of amplification are involved.
  • Air compressors needed for airbrushes?
  • Solving logistical problems for people going to both (local ride #1) and (local ride #2)
  • Bike rental options
  • Pre-ride bodypainting practice session?
  • Ride safety (considering the route, recruiting street medics?)
  • Afterparty for ride (eg - stalls, bodypainting, samba band, etc)
  • Special guests for the ride? Live music, DJ, soundsystem, etc?

Suggestions from Local Event volunteers

  • Others could hand out leaflets as people came through.
  • Others could have route map and estimated timing of route for supporter/riders.
  • Others could notify media of highlights and expected timing along the route
  • An identifying a front and back marker would be good.
  • A pennant or something to mark out first aiders would be excellent.
  • Others could mark the start of the race by holding up a banner, or something symbolic, in front of the riders so that you can all take off together.
  • A text or call to (event name) or assembly point info giving 10 mins notice that group is arriving back would allow us to pass the message on to supporters and media waiting at the Arch.

Safety Volunteer Team

  • Who will coordinate this?
  • What should they wear?
  • Corkers to hold traffic while ride passes through?
  • How many people will be needed?
  • How can they communicate with eachother (any spare walkie talkies?)
  • What will be their strategy? What are the hotspots?
  • Skate marshalls?
  • Will there be a follow vehicle?

Assembly Point Preparations

  • Planning the assembly location stalls and "sponsors"
  • Do we invite the Hari Krishna food-stall bike to the ride start?
  • Providing an assembly point info stall (what should it have?)
  • Providing for the Bodypainting station (with painters and selfpaint avail.)
  • Creating a safe zone for photo-free bodypainting and spending time
  • Can we provide a tent for rucksacks etc at people's own risk
  • The idea of a ribbon start at ?pm
  • Guests for the Ride Assembly. Suggestions?
  • Who can be at the assembly point from start till finish of ride?
  • How best to use assistance from local environmental groups/events?

Leafleting on day of ride

before ride starts

  • Distribute flyers for other events as well to WNBR participants? (Example, Seattle has four other public naked/painted events)

during the ride

  • Possible size/text/design?
  • Proposed content - explain ride, show route, basic photo policy, website.

Messages during the ride (clear and creative!)

  • What messages do riders need/want the ride to express?
  • Creating flags for the ride. Who can do this? Costs?
  • Bodypaint ideas? Stencil designs for bodypainting?
  • Slogan suggestions? Examine existing slogans.
  • Ideas for eyecatching messages of the ride.
  • Keeping the ride beautiful/lively.
  • How to get signs/banners to attach to bikes

Press work

  • Strategy and message
  • No spokespeople, only riders speaking for themselves
  • Who are the people that will handle various Presswork roles?
  • Providing images/video/writing for press
  • Press Releases (info to include)
  • Locating interviewable riders
  • Key messages/issues to raise in interviews
  • Volunteers needed for TV/radio interviews
  • We need phone, name, age, and description for any interview volunteers.

After the ride

  • Dealing with photo-sharing
  • When to meet for an evaluation of the 2006 ride process (November?)
  • iPhoto book idea
  • possible 2007 ride date - 23, 30 June 2006 or July (warmer and closer to the solstice)
  • Big Green Gathering Campaigns Tent

Update on other regional rides

  • (Other regional ride #1)
  • (Other regional ride #2)

Any outstanding business