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For details of the six alternative start points see also London sub-pages

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London World Naked Bike Ride

1,000 riders on London Naked Bike Ride 2007 - photo by

The World Naked Bike Ride is a global protest movement with rides in cities around the world, raising awareness of issues such as safety of cyclists on the road, reducing oil dependence and saving the planet. Let's make the planet great again!

WNBR’s themes are to:

  • protest against the global dependency on oil
  • curb car culture
  • obtain real rights for cyclists
  • demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
  • celebrate body freedom

As well as promoting healthy life choices it can also be the best fun you can ever have on two wheels. The London ride has the excitement of a carnival, with big crowds to cheer it on. It is a "naked bike ride" but you can be "as bare as you dare" - body painting and fancy dress are welcome. It is fun, legal and all in a worthy cause.

You can find out loads of info on our new WNBRLondon.UK website:

WNBRLondon.UK website

Or find out more about the global World Naked Bike Ride goals on the wiki.

Participating in the Ride (Before the Ride)

Are you thinking about taking part in the London World Naked Bike Ride?
Things you might need to know about the London ride

Getting involved

We hold monthly planning meetings before the ride: anyone is welcome to come along, and we reach decisions by consensus. We also rely on people to volunteer on the day, either as marshals, stewards, or first aiders. The more people we have to help out, the smoother the ride is for everyone. If you can help, please let us know!
Details of planning meetings, volunteer roles, and contact details for the start point coordinators

Ride details - Saturday, 8th June 2024

The traditional date for the ride is the second Saturday in June, so join us on Saturday 8th June 2024.

The ride has been increasingly popular over the past 20 years, with its fun, attention-grabbing campaign for safer cycling along with healthier environment, lifestyles and behaviours. 2023 was another big ride, with 8 start groups merging into a spectacular rider peloton.

Find locations, times and other details by clicking here

Support Us

The ride is made possible by volunteer helpers and generous donations from our participants. Please join the collective. No one is paid for running WNBR London, but we do have some significant expenses like radio comms hire, road closure fees, insurance, printing, marshals' ID, etc.
Please click here to donate by PayPal It's got to be worth a fiver or more!
Donate with PayPal
or contact us if you could volunteer to help with planning, publicity, preparation, assistance at the start and finish, marshalling, or leading a ride - we really need your help.

The London WNBR is part of Bike Week.

Bike Week

Finding Out More