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A suggested schedule of planning tasks for successful local rides.

NB: This is a list of suggestions for all the things local organisers might do in the time before and after the ride. None of the tasks are obligatory!

Months indicated are for main Southern and Northern Hemisphere ride dates respectively.


Before the ride

Summer before next year’s ride

  • Promote WNBR at summer festivals

September-December before next year’s ride

  • Contact diary and calendar publishers to get WNBR dates included

Sep/Dec – Six months before ride

  • Organise a few pre-ride meetings, perhaps monthly so people can remember the date
  • Start putting up posters and flyers so people know about the event and can put it in their diaries

Dec/Mar – Three months before ride

  • Send press releases to monthly print publications for inclusion in the month of the ride

Jan/Apr – Two months before ride

Feb/May – One month before ride

  • Publicise final planning meeting

Mar/Jun – One week before ride

  • Hold a final, detailed planning meeting
  • Prepare post-ride press release to cover various scenarios (this can be quickly edited and sent after the event)

Mar/Jun – One day before ride

  • Make sure everything’s ready to rock’n’roll!
  • Get some sleep!

The day of the ride!

  • Put out press release after the ride for next day's media

After the ride

Mar/Jun – Day/s after the ride

  • Put out post-ride press release for general media