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See also: Body art and Wikipedia: Art bike

WNBR is the time for pimping out your bike or skates!

Be creative and colourful in expressing yourself! Customising your bike is strongly encouraged!

Engage the public! We decorate our bikes with political messages or beautiful designs to complement our forms. We use portable public address systems or raise our voices and chant in unison. Getting people to laugh and smile is a great way to connect and share ideas in a non-threatening way.

Example photos:

Decorate your helmet!

Helmets can sometimes look pretty drab, so get creative and customize them! Some companies (eg: Nogin Sox) even offer creative helmet covers!

"Race cards" with slogans

For their 2007 ride, London created some great "race cards" that you can print on card and then attach to your bike. We recommend you use elastic or twist-ties to secure them to your bike. If you are feeling generous, print and prepare a few extra to give to other riders. There is a selection of four cards for you to choose from; click on the captions to download the full-size (A4) card for printing.


Some WNBR events happen at night, and this provides a great opportunity to go all out with creative lighting options for your bike and self. Affordable string lights can be found at local stores or online that are powered by standard AA/AAA batteries and can be wrapped, zip-tied, etc. around your bike. Some riders even wrap these around themselves, helmets, or other items. Just be sure to avoid configurations that could become entangled in bike parts! General bike lighting options such as wheel lights, frame lights, and other products that you could use during normal night riding make a fun addition to festive and creative expression.

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