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Vancouver 2013 WNBR postcard

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 12 Noon - Sunset Beach (near the corner of Beach Avenue and Bute Street), Vancouver, BC, on unceded Coast Salish territory.

Yeeehhhh hah, the World Naked Bike Ride is almost here. Join tens of thousands of happy naked cyclists in the greatest celebration of human powered happiness the world has ever seen. Over 70 cities will be participating. For more information on other cities participating in this majestic coup of people-power spirit visit

Body painting and performances will take place before the ride with the ride starting at about 2:00pm. A picnic following the ride will be hosted by NIFTY. The ride and all ride activities are free! And is on rain or shine!

The event is a celebration of creativity and a protest against car culture and oil spills.

Dress code: Bare as you dare (see #Naked bike riding tips below). If you want you can come wearing scuba gear.


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Please download, print, and distribute posters and flyers for the ride -- or make your own!

Vancouver 2013 WNBR poster
VBR 2013 WNBR poster
Vancouver 2013 WNBR poster

Photos & Videos

Naked Bike Ride in the middle of winter. Photo: Steve
Jim and Red on the Burrard Bridge. Photo: Steve
2006 riders getting naked and ready to ride. Photo: Doug Dosdall/
Video of 2010 ride!
Video of 2011 ride!
Videos of 2012 ride!

More photos at

More videos at

Rules for the Vancouver ride

  • Nudity is not forced on anybody. You decide what you are comfortable with.
  • Respect the diversity of many different body types, and refrain from ogling.
  • Realize that although we are naked, many people consider that private parts are still private. Don't bring them up as a topic of conversation with somebody you do not know.

Naked bike riding tips

  • Prepare for riding rain or shine!
  • If sunny, put on sunscreen!
  • You do not have to be fully naked to join the ride.
  • Wear shoes!
  • We often start the ride with some clothing on and then stop away from the crowds to get bare!
  • Keep your clothes with you -- you never know when you may need them (like... after the ride).
  • Decorate your bike! Come with signs and funky hats! Cover your bike seat with fun fur.
  • Ride safely and stay together as a group.
  • Tell your friends! Spread the word!

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The first naked bike ride in Vancouver was in the middle of winter, on 17 Jan 2002.

Since then we've had many rides, even two in 2007. For more information please visit



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