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The Archived ride locations page is designed to help cleanup the global List of rides page. Rides may have lapsed after a year or so, or never got off the ground. In some cases, a promoter created a new page only to post a spam link, never intending to organize a WNBR. Anyway, here's how to archive such rides, or bring one back if you're serious about organizing a ride in any of these cities.

Archive a Ride

If a ride has lapsed:


*{{Ride status tab - Kickstart this ride}} [[Buenos Aires]]: (+any details...) {{Previously planned|10 Jun 2006}}
include the {{Previous rides|12 Jun 2004, ...}} information, if any, and change the "Ride status tab" to Kickstart this ride


  • add a ride page link after the word Archived: at the top of the country's ride list within the List of rides page
'''[[Archived ride locations|Archived]]''': [[Buenos Aires]]


  • add the following message to the beginning of the ride page being archived:

This page has been archived. Please visit [[Talk:Archived ride locations]] if you would like to restart this ride.

Unarchive a Ride

If a ride is being reactivated:


  • Cut & paste the ride text from the Archived ride locations page (while in the Edit screen for that page) back to the List of rides page in the proper spot and change the "Ride Status Tab" accordingly:
*{{Ride status tab - Committed to ride}}
*{{Ride status tab - New ride planned}}


  • remove the ride page link after the word Archived: (in the List of rides page)


  • remove the archived message at the beginning of the ride page for the ride you are re-listing