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Sydney 2010

Date: Saturday 13 March 2010
Time: 12 noon
Location: the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park

Ride location and how to get there

Assemble at the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney. Please do not drive to the event because it will create greenhouse gases and contradicts the purpose of the event. Please ride your bike to the assembly place or take the train if it is too far for you to ride. CityRail allows passengers to take their bikes on the train. Sydney city is well serviced by trains and several stations are a short distance to Hyde Park


Follow the link for a map of how to get between Sydney Terminal or Central to Hyde Park.

Getting there by rail

The CityRail network services many suburbs and towns in the network. Many services converge on Sydney. Please refer to the CityRail Timetables.

The closest station is St James, which is literally under the Archibald Fountain. Illawarra line passengers should alight at Martin Place and go uphill to Hyde Park.

Trackwork advice

No trains between Lithgow and Blacktown. Buses replacing trains. Carrying of bikes on buses at the discretion of the driver. More Details Suburban More Details Intercity

South Coast trains terminating at Martin Place. This is right near Hyde Park and more convenient for participants. More Details

Central Coast trains terminating at Strathfield. Change at Strathfield for suburban trains to the City. More Details

Ride details

It has not yet been decided whether the WNBR Sydney ride assembly place will also be the body painting place so there may be a ride between two separate locations as there was in 2008. Clothing is optional in the World Naked Bike Ride. Riders can keep a minimum amount of clothing until after the ride proper has riden some distance from the painting place. This is called: A Rolling Start. A private and secret place for stripping and body painting may be used. Details of the route may not be revealed to participants before the ride and Organisers may lead participants on the secret route on a "need to know - as you go" basis.

In 2008 it became obvious that the presence of the press and public would have saved the riders from harrasment from ill-informed and overzealous Campus Security staff at Sydney University (see: The Age, 9 Mar 2008: "Naked cyclists cop grief from security"). In 2009 the Police attended the assembly/painting place and gave the ride an escort all the way (see: Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Mar 2009, "Cyclists' naked ambitions punctured". Strategies to overcome the interference by Security staff or Police in 2010 will be implemented.

Newcastle rides on Sunday the 14th of March 2010. Newcastle is within commuting distance of Sydney so keen participants can ride in both of these places.



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WNBRS 20100313 IMG 3870 - 2010-03-13 at 11-15-18.jpg WNBRS 20100313 IMG 3880 - 2010-03-13 at 11-17-41.jpg WNBRS 20100313 IMG 3886 - 2010-03-13 at 12-41-47.jpg

<youtube v="0KLhmZmd9PM" />

  • MEFEEDiA movie of the ride By Brian Yap (yewenyi) CC Licence, NC-BY (same raw footage as above with a different musical soundtrack).

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Media enquiries

Marte, Sydney Naked Bike Ride organiser:

Critical Mass

All riders interested in participating in the Sydney WNBR should consider participating in Sydney Critical Mass. Marte will be attending some Sydney Critical Mass rides in the lead up to the Sydney WNBR to promote participation, encourage people to help organise and holding organising meetings after the CM ride. We meet at the Archibald Fountain at the Northern end of Hyde Park, on the last Friday of every month at 5:30pm for a 6:00pm departure. You can find a map and pictures of the location on the Sydney Critical Mass wiki page.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable throughout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc

These are the current: flyer and poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Sydney 2010 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator? A combined flyer / poster for Sydney and Newcastle may be produced later.


Colour-in Black and White Poster

Colour-in Refrigerator Poster

Sydney and Nudecastle combined flyer / poster

Media coverage