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Includes film, video and photography coverage by third parties and participants. Coverage is sorted by the date of the event.

See also the global Film and video and Photography pages.


Compare with the global Photography policy for guidelines about people videotaping and photographing WNBR events.

The Seattle WNBR event has adopted a photography policy which

  • Prohibits photography taking place closer than 15 feet from subjects.
    • Prohibits taking pictures with cell phones or cameras in an aggressive manner and with the intent of getting extreme closeups of personal areas, especially without permission. This makes many people very uncomfortable.
  • Prohibits photography inside body painting tent areas without permission from those getting painted.

This policy is intended to curtail any inconsiderate photography which might otherwise take place. We wish to create a safe and supportive environment for all riders. All photographers present at the ride must abide by this policy. Those who do not will be asked to leave. This INCLUDES any riders or press who take photos.

To ensure that this policy is clear to all present, it will appear on leaflets distributed at the event. If you are attending the ride as a photographer, we would like to remind you that there are various points along the route which feature particularly striking backgrounds for photos of the ride.

Photographers are encouraged to give out contact info on small cards to those who ask.

Riders and supporters are actively encouraged to enforce these policies.

Please report any problems with photographers to ride organizers.

If it makes you uncomfortable, let the photographers know that they don't have permission to photograph you. Keep in mind however that this is a public event and you are in a public park. That does not give people the right to be disrespectful or to harass you with their photography. Also, let other riders know this so they can tell photographers not to photograph you. Another approach is to keep your clothes on during the first bit of the ride, and take them off after you have left the assembly point. We recommend this approach too. Both of these approaches will cut down on photographs taken at the start of the ride, but it's not really possible to stop people from photographing during the ride.

WNBR local events often do have a documentary team taking pictures and video, but they are generally very considerate people and will try to keep your best wishes in mind as much as possible. You can see many of their images on this website and on WNBR-generated media, which is sometimes shared with other non-profit progressive groups.

There are also those who are at the event to use the images for other reasons, and you won't know without asking. If someone is being aggressive, acting suspiciously, or making you feel uncomfortable please tell a WNBR team coordinator or someone who can confront them and tell them to back off a bit and give people personal space. People need to understand the positive message of WNBR and understand that part of respecting each others' bodies is giving each other enough personal space to be comfortable. This is especially important for those that have never been naked in front of strangers or in public before. They have their own issues they are dealing with and aggressive gawking or unwanted exposure adds an additional unwanted complication to their experience. So speak up!

Video and photography

See also Seattle coverage page to view pictures from bloggers, press, media and others.
See/add commentary on these images at the ride report pages

We need to figure out a good way to distribute these photos and videos to participants. Ideas?

Flickr notes: You need to do two things for the Flickr photos...

  • 1. Have a (free) Flickr account
  • 2. Set your "Safety Filter" to allow Moderate (nude) content. To do this, go into Your Account, click on Privacy and Permissions, scroll down to "Content Filters," and turn "Safe Search" off. Then you should be able to see the images there.

16 Aug 2009



8 Aug 2009


  • JC took a few
  • Matt took some
  • Flickr : SeattleHoagie: [1],[2],[3] 3 photos at end of Gas Works Ride.


31 July 2009



  • Video was taken by Gregory.

24 July 2009


  • Lots of photos taken. Nothing in yet
  • Matt


11 July 2009



26 Jun 2009

No photos seen yet

20 Jun 2009

  • Galleries of photos taken at the Fremont Solstice Painted Naked Cyclists ride by one of the participants are available for the years  20062008 and  2009.

6 Sept 2008

  • Daniel Johnson. Has iPhone pictures from ride, as well as images from his Nikon Digital camera, some taken by Randall? at Lincoln Park beach.
  • Ty took some during the ride
  • Aaron Bonner (working on permissions). Took pictures from painting party at Camp Long to Alki (north side)
  • Paul?
  • Wedding photographer and videographer at Alki (haven't heard anything yet). They took pictures with us.
  • Three pictures also sent in to West Seattle Blog.

17 Aug 2008

  • Mike Adams
  • JC
  • clikr73 (Flickr) a.k.a Peter
  • sparklingallison (Flickr) One image only of two guys on Burke Gilman Trail.
  • Aaron Bonner (working on permissions). Daniel has CD of images, there is a website, just waiting for word from Aaron.
  • There were tons of other photographers but no pictures from them yet
  • Richard Cummings?

12 July 2008


14 July 2007



30 June 2007

Night Ride

  • Mike Adams took some photos. Daniel has these.

10 June 2006


For some reason, people dismounted their bikes way too early and we ended up walking much further than was necessary to comply with safety requests from the city. We were supposed to go single file first, then dismount. Oh well. You have to have some chaos and unpredictability in every ride and we had enough to keep it fun. I bet the older people were wondering why we were walking our bikes all around them, or perhaps they had other questions they were thinking about. D 22:22, 11 Jun 2006 (PDT)
    • Mainly around Seattle Center
    • Check this reaction shot out A picture says a thousand words. Very, very few people had a reaction like this. That's why we had to get this shot. One of JC's shots [7] shows one of the kids with his hands over his ears and one of the boys just can't seem to stop from turning around to look at us.
This is one of the most bizarre reactions I have ever seen in the ten naked public/urban rides I have done. Its hilarious, but you have to feel sorry for the kids being told to turn around. One can only imagine what life at home is like for them. One of the mothers just can't seem to keep a straight face. Priceless. They almost look like they were praying for us. Well, the prayers were answered. The sun finally did come out for us and we had an amazing, very positive ride! D 22:13, 11 Jun 2006 (PDT)
Quinton, a WNBR rider, noted this interesting juxtapozition with the other: "...while next to her was another woman with children saying 'look! look!'"

23 April 2006


Those of you who missed the Seattle WNBR meeting on 23 April 2006 with Conrad Schmidt can now see the footage we shot in Washington State Park Arboretum, on a very busy warm day. There were tons of people in the park that day using this trail. A lot of people got a kick out of the streaking, which went on for about an hour or so, on and off (we certainly looking highly conspicuous as we waited for people to walk by). One lady asked if she could join in.

To help encourage all 5 billion people on the planet to participate in this celebration of two-wheeled naked splendor we have made a small video promo:

This footage was later incorporated into the film Indecent Exposure to Cars: The story of the World Naked Bike Ride, produced by Conrad Schmidt in 2006/2007.

24 Sept 2005

Images from the Autumnal Equinox Mini Ride are posted on the ride report page.

11 June 2005



  • JC. Photos online. Link?
  • Richard Art. Daniel has? Photos not online
  • Richard Cummings
  • Promotional images. Small versions can be seen here. Larger images here.
  • Mark Storey. Photos not online
  • WNBR Seattle (Flickr)
  • Mike Adams. Daniel has some prints. Nothing digital. Not online
  • Kyle Snodgrass. Does Daniel have these? Not online
  • Ben. Not online

12 June 2004


  • Eduard Koller
  • DM White. Photos not online
  • JC. Photos no longer online
  • Brad L. Photos not online
  • Marc M. Photos no longer online
  • PC [8] Gas Works, Burke Gilman Trail, Seattle Center
  • Richard Cummings International Fountain
  • Dave Lewis Lewis Art and Photo
  • Ty. Photos not online
  • Getty Images. Link?
  • Darrell Scattergood. Images are online, but we are asked not to post link. Mostly Gas Works and Seattle Center.


There was video of the event taken by KG.