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Publicity, budget, fundraising, networking

Publicising the ride

  • Who needs leaflets, and where should they be collected from?
  • Get leaflet cafes, healthfood stores, and all local BIKE SHOPS!
  • give out by hand, make a personal connection!
  • Neighborhoods/places/groups to flyer:
    • colleges
      • University of Washington (UW)
      • Seattle Central Community College (SCCC)
    • PCC
    • Capital Hill:
      • The Wild Rose
    • Wallingford
    • Ravenna
      • Whole Foods Market
    • U-District
    • Fremont
    • Georgetown artist community
    • Romp Naked
    • telephone poles
    • Coed Dance "Skin"
    • intentional communities
    • body-positive
    • creative
    • "freaky (in a good way, not creepy) people"
  • Leafleters at Critical Mass and (other cycling events like .8)
  • Plan leafleting of rail commuter cyclists (List locations here, etc)
  • Festivals (leafleters needed)
  • Presence at big events (List of events, other ideas?)
  • Who will deal with our events stall? What should it include?
  • Leaflets to give out in May with all (regional) rides details (content?, who will design?)
  • Updated web/wiki sites. Any suggestions for changes or additional content?
  • Can someone suitable look after a Myspace for the Seattle ride?
  • Should we send leaflets by post to any relevant groups?
  • Internet promotion (via e-mails, forums, website listings, etc)
  • Outreach to communities (especially environmental, cycling, artist, naturist/nudist)
  • Upcomming events to cover (List of events)
  • Available in colour = Sunny business card (plus postcard & magnet - each 40p)
  • Downloadable/photocopiable = wallet size leaflets (16 per A4) and A4/5 posters.

Documentary update

  • UK Documentary by Johnny Zapatos is nearly complete (free preview 13th April)
  • Release forms needed from interviewees
  • DVD is being completed
  • Premiere screening is being planned for May or early June (at Barbican?)
  • Who to invite to premiere? (suggestions)

Budget and merchandise

  • Fundraising
    • New initiative: "Help fill our Pinata!" (Franz will help make)
    • Last year supporters
      • Banya 5
      • Commando Jeans
      • Seattle Sinner
      • Capital Hill Internet Cafe (water)
      • Mighty O Donuts (donuts)
      • TNS
      • ClothesFree International (web space)
    • New businesses to approach
      • Chaco Canyon Cafe
      • Recycled Cycles (they were interested last year)
      • Sidecar Grocery Pigs for Peace
      • Not a Number
      • Wayward Cafe/Bike Shop
  • Write up budget
    • Expenses:
      • permits (Parks Use & Streets Use?)
      • talent/musicians
      • truck rental
      • generator/solar
      • materials, bodypaint
      • Breakdown crew (30-80 mins of work after ride leaves)
  • Last year we kept the ride expenses below $??? (& this year below $???).
  • Pros/cons of keeping the costs low (current practice) as opposed to sponsorship
  • Actual costs = business cards, leaflets, body-paint, plus some misc small expenses
  • $??? has been donated anonymously to cover this cost
  • Additional expenses this year = tabling expenses?
  • approximately $???
  • Additional expenses this year = flags for bikes?
  • No calendar this year, and so far no T-shirt designed. Where do we get revenue?
  • What about reflective iron-on patches with logo/message?
  • Or how about stickers?
  • We have about $??? to use to create a source of revenue for next year.
  • Raising money from photos sold to press and donations
  • We could put a column into website with links that earn money for WNBR
  • Paypal/Amazon Honor System donations button on site?
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