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The Next Ride Details

  • Our fourth WNBR ride of the year will be June 8, 2019 Saturday, 11:00 AM -

Please note San Francisco chapter of the WNBR has a total of 5 rides per year. Some of our rides are in conjunction with other cities riding in the northern and southern hemispheres. Other rides are unique to San Francisco, as we have created a WNBR for Earth Day in April and our New Years Day Polar Plunge Ride.

OUR REGULAR MEETING SPOT - For our 4 main WNBR-SF rides, we meet next to the Ferry Building

== NOTE: We no longer meet behind the Fountain in the formerly named Justin Herman Plaza ==

Since 2015, we decided to meet in the open public area on Embarcadero Blvd. by the Ferry Building. The area is the elevated portion with seats to the north of and between the Farmer's Market and the Starbuck's. Please stay back towards the motorcycle parking area and try to keep the main portion of the sidewalk unobstructed to regular pedestrian traffic. It is the long stretch of extra wide sidewalk space with benches that we should try to stay within. Please try to remain covered to a reasonable extent until enough people have gathered and word is given to undress, and if applying body slogans and paint, do so towards the rear of the area along the bay, away from the foot traffic on Embarcadero.

Where we are meeting

The Ride Details

  • Our fourth WNBR ride of the year is Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 11:00AM -

.It's that time to tune up those bikes and toss those riding duds in the wash, you won't need them for the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco. It's the 4th WNBR of the year..

.Each year, our turnout is getting larger and larger, riding bare through the streets of the city. So Saturday, June 8, 2019 bring your bikes to Ferry Building near Market Street & the Embarcadero Blvd..

.We meet near the Ferry Building on Embarcadero in an open public area to the north and between the Farmer's Market and the Starbuck's. We will begin meeting there at 11:00 AM. Please remained dressed until we have sufficient numbers of riders and are near the time we will ride..

.While it is a "naked" bike ride, all are welcome. It's ride as bare as you dare. That is, body paint, rubber latex, bikinis, topless, lingerie, bubble pack, whatever costume you are comfortable riding with. And we have already had over a dozen WNBRs while under cloud of the city anti-nudity ordinance, with NO citations or complaints. However, than its best to have a sarong, a beach wrap or shorts ready for quick coverup.

.Our ride will focus on downtown SOMA areas, Embarcadero, and most flat areas along the financial area downtown. We will go to the outer edges of Ocean Beach if the weather is suitable and thru the Haight Asshbury district before ending our ride in the Castro.

  • Join our group!!! Keep up to date on this event, future rides and info at our:

World Naked Bike Ride - San Francisco Fan Page

WNBR Northern Hemisphere 2019 banner

Possible WNBR After-Party

  • Time: After the Ride | Location: Castro District

  • We would like to have a possible After Ride Party. Plan to stay in the Castro District area for food and drinks with the remaining riders.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

  • Our fourth ride of the year The date for the 16th Annual World Naked Bike Ride - SF 2019 - Northern Hemisphere Part I .

  • Time: 11:00 AM | Location: between the Ferry Building and Starbucks on Embarcadero Blvd..

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The Facebook Event Page has discussions and posts as well as additional ride details

The WNBR Basics

WNBR San Francisco Style


  • 11:00 AM: Gather. The earlier time allows us to take advantage of the midday warmth. Turn sheets & maps distributed and going over route details. Bike checkout & attaching signs / body painting & slogans. Undress. Apply sunscreen. Group photo, then we go.
  • just after Noon: Ride starts (approx) usually between 12:15pm to 12:30pm. Depending on the mood of the group and the amount of media coverage we are getting the ride start always varies a bit after noon.
  • about 4 hours after it starts (approx): Main ride finishes. Riders are free to leave the mass at anytime, as it is a DIY (do it yourself) ride, but why miss out on the fun?


The route typically goes through the more popular areas of the city like Fishermen's Wharf, the Civic Center, the Marina and the Embarcadero. This ride will go out to Ocean Beach if the weather is suitable. We'll do our usual stop at Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in the Haight and finish in the Castro.

Ride Pace and Difficulty

The ride is at a slow to moderate pace with frequent stops with the intention of maximum visibility to the motoring public, chant protest slogans and allow the public to take photos. We try to stay on level ground but San Francisco is a hilly place, so some hills are to be expected. If the route takes us up the rare steep hill we walk so no one is left behind.


June weather in San Francisco can range from unseasonably warm to foggy and mild. The June ride is most often the warmest ride of the year, in the upper 70's. One year, it was about 100F.

Getting there

If you live out of town, please try to use public transportation to get to the start of the ride. Parking in the area is limited and expensive. Both BART and CalTrain take bicycles. If you do drive, try to carpool. There is a fair number of parking on the southern area of Market near the ride's meeting spot at the Ferry Building. It takes about 10-15 minutes to ride your bike from 4th & King to the Ferry Building. Others prefer to park near the ride's final destination for a quick departure. Check out these websites for details:


Use your own bikes, borrow one or rent one from any of several bike rentals in the city such as Blazing Saddles. Google San Francisco bike rentals to find a place near our start, finish or your parking spot.

Please maintain your bikes. Check them and perform needed service BEFORE the ride. Have spare tubes, air pumps, medical kits and ample water. Not everyone needs complete service and medical kits as these can be shared. We ride by the philosophy "no rider left behind", but if your bike suffers a malfunction and can't be repaired in a reasonably short time, someone usually will help them back to their starting point, but the ride will go on.

Alternative Participation

Being California, everyone does things differently. We want to offer the broadest possible welcome. First of all, obey all the Laws of Comfort! There's no nudity requirement. Whether you come clothed in a full-length Fun-Fur or just a top hat, come as bare as you dare. Most riders carry some minimal clothing to wear when arriving and departing the group. One bike rental place offered 50% discounts to WNBR riders last year. See the FAQ for more info.


Skater on Lombard

Secondly, skaters are welcome. Some skaters have joined us repeatedly! Since skaters tend to expend about 2x as much energy, and tend to roll 50% slower than bikers, skaters may wish to follow an abbreviated but comparable route by linking the level grades in the beginning and ending segments of the ride. One very accomplished naked skater in the 2010 SF WNBR skated up and down the steepest part of Lombard Street, The Crookedest Street in the World, to everyone's amazement.

Public Nudity in San Francisco

April 2015 Citation Notice: Prior to the 2015 Earth Day ride, one rider received a citation before our gathering behind the fountain. However, he was the only one there and only had frontal regions covered. Please do not arrive undressed or get undressed at the start, especially if nobody else is there yet. It is best to wait until a significant amount of riders are present and our departure time is near. OH, AND THE GOOD NEWS FOR THAT ONE RIDER IS THE CITATION WAS DISMISSED; YOU MIGHT NOT BE SO LUCKY. Please remain dressed until just shortly before the ride starts.

Liberal San Francisco is not so liberal anymore with the passage of an anti-nudity ordinance that went into effect on February 1st, 2013. Our four WNBR rides last year were a test to see how far we can push the limits. If this year is going to operate under the same leniency, there is no problem anticipated. It is apparent the city officials have studied the matter sufficiently to not desire a legal battle with the First Amendment protection our protests afford.

If you go naked, have a protest message to go with the nudity in the form of body painted slogans or signs. Be prepared to cover up. So far, the authorities have been nice in giving people an opportunity to cover up before giving out citations. Bare breasts are okay. To be legal, you just need to barely cover your private parts. Going naked outside the main group will definitely get you cited. There's more safety in numbers.

Bay To Breakers citations! A few nude runners/walkers during the recent 2014 Bay To Breakers were told to cover up, in spite of the so-called written exemptions written into the "Weiner Law" for this event and others like the Folsom Fair that have had a longstanding tradition of nudity. A few nudist activists were given citations. It looks as if a number of SFPD are being told to do an "end run" around the ordinance. If anyone encounters any officers doing "their job" and directing you to cover, please take down their badge numbers and names. You typically have a 5 minute time interval to cover without getting a citation. We have in the past had a good relationship with the SFPD. If confronted, be polite and non-confrontational, try to defuse, not escalate the situation. One person being an ass or a dick (pun intended) can put the remainder of the ride at risk.

Inform yourself of the local nudity laws before you bare all in case you have to explain yourself. This File:SF WNBR.Nudity laws.pdf (~100 Kbs) (now out of date) contains the actual codes and regulations (with references) regarding nudity. Always treat the authorities with courtesy and respect and dress when ordered to do so. (If you need help interpreting the codes, please seek the advice of a lawyer.)

Critical Mass with more ass!


Our World Naked Bike Ride - San Francisco Facebook Fan Page is the place to get latest ride info and where to find WNBR Event pages to RSVP.. After Facebook prudes took down our WNBR Fan Page a few years ago, we decided NO photos will be allowed since Facebook has a problem with plain nudity and social protest. If you are here just to look at nude photos, you can look elsewhere.

Discussion groups

  • SF WNBR Yahoo! Group
    (No longer a reliable information source for lack of interest from the page admin, few, if any WNBR riders still post there)

Location Links

Please also visit


Publicity, Media Coverage and Ride Reports

This page contains links to press releases, media coverage and ride reports covering previous SF WNBR events. (Some of the coverage contains images of public nudity.)

Promotional Materials

This page contains links to flyers and other promotional materials for past and future SF WNBR events. (Most flyers contain images of public nudity.) Help us get the word out. Print these flyers and distribute at other protest events, sport/bike shops and college campuses. Or, create your own flyers by combining your own ideas with the materials provided.

Route Info

This page contains links to route descriptions, maps and turn sheets for current and past rides.


This page contains links to photo collections covering previous rides. (Obviously, these photos contain images of public nudity.)


This page contains questions and answers to many of the more common concerns regarding the SF WNBR. Thanks to Leo for this.

Ride Safety

This page discusses safety issues when riding around San Francisco. Thanks to Leo for this.