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Salt Lake City sub-pages: Planning Notes

Please review the information on the discussion page and add your input on that page and this page.


Volunteers Needed

To really make this ride successful, we're in need of volunteers that are willing to help in Organizing and Promoting the ride. The following jobs are still needed:

Before the ride

  • Pre-ride event organizer (contacting businesses to set up booths for the pre-ride event/get together)
  • Police Liaison (URGENTLY NEEDED!)
  • Press Release writing and Media Liaison
  • Flyer and Poster writing and distribution (x2)
  • Legal Support
  • Publicity
  • Fund-Raisers (funds needed for advertising, flyer/poster printing, possible legal fees)
  • Route Planner
  • Meeting location planner

During the ride

  • Ride Marshals (Needed at front and back of the ride. Will communicate via Walkie-Talkie)
  • Bike/Skate/Scooter mechanics
  • Riders with Bike trailers, for clothes, etc.
  • Refreshment provider at end of ride
  • Photographers/Videographers (both in the ride and as spectators)

Event Clearance

There is currently no Clearance for the Event. Once we find out the location, we urgently need a volunter Police Liaison to get any clearance from the police department as well as possible police escort and hopefully some officers at key locations. When we get more clearance information, it will be posted here. The following is what we're hoping for:

  • Route clearance with the Salt Lake county police department.
  • Bicycle Police escort at the front and back of the ride.
  • Police officers at key intersections
  • Clearance for full nudity (naturally)

Whether or not the Police give us clearance for any of this, we're still going to go ahead with it. I would still like to encourage all of you to go with as little clothing as possible. After all, it is the "World Naked Bike Ride."

Pre-ride Event

Post-Ride Event

We're hoping for something of an "After Party" type event. We'll need to reserve a venue with:

  1. Room for at least 100 people (tentative),
  2. A bar, and/or
  3. A Pool, for those of us who want to cool off afterwards.

If you have any ideas for this, don't hesitate to contact one of the organizers.

More to come later!

We'll put more information up as it becomes available, including results from the planning meetings after they happen.