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Date: June 2010?
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19 Apr 2008, 18:22 - Emilia wrote: I'd be keen to join a ride, but don't have the energy to organise it myself.

6 Jun 2008, 22:41 - Zen_biscuit wrote: I'll participate in an Oxford ride, I have a beautiful recumbent

12 Jun 2008, 21:11 - j4 wrote: I'd be happy to join the ride (on my Bickerton!) but don't have much spare time to organise things...

27 Jan 2008 I have tried to find some interest in running an Oxford ride in the local Cycle Advocacy group: Cyclox, but failed. I live near the Bucks/Oxfordshire border and would love to go to Oxford for a ride - last year I did Brighton and I may get the train to France and do one there if there is nothing local. I don't have a lot of time for organising - but I could have a go..with some help. Please get in touch if you are interested...in this cold weather it would be nice to plan for something in the summer! Dave

16 July 2009 - Pgjones wrote: I would be interested in helping organise a ride for 11th June 2010 from 5.30pm, starting in South Park? If I can get a core group of people togethor, the gauntlet is thrown (in a silly and yet quite dramatic fashion).

20 Nov 2009 - Dan wrote: Just discovered the WNBR. Would be delighted to take part if one goes ahead in Oxford: will be checking back for a firmer date.

13 May 2010- Hello I'm a mexican guy living in Turkey and going for UK for a short time. I will be in Oxford for June 11 (potential date for the Oxford ride I think). Please keep this conversation updates if you make any plans.


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