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Date: Saturday 12 March 2016
Time: 10:00am
Location: Bush Theatre, Nimbin, NSW

Ride details

Ride Route & Destination: A couple of laps of Nimbin town and then back to the starting point.

as published on the WNBR Nimbin facebook group

Previous ride details

Hi folks ! Its "World Naked Bike Ride" (WNBR) time again ! We ride on the second Saturday in March. Get out you bikes, check the wheels go round, the chain is present and correct, and the tires are up !

We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians plus all the negative effects of oil, cars, war, consumerism and non-renewable energy.

This will be our 9th ride, and they have all been superb. Last year, even though the day started out quite wet, a reasonable crowd turned up at Peace park (under umbrellas !!!). When we got to the paintup spot, there were more there !. An estimate was over 35 - but the real improvements were a better gender mix, and better art ! The ride was excellent.

Our paint-up venue even opened for us- coffee before the ride, vegan food after - all in all an excellent time was had by all.

So, dont be put of by the rain, or the distance - it is really quite short and easy - and come and be a part of it. We want no spectators - everyone should be in the ride !

And seriously, as much fun as the spectators get, the real fun is in the painting and the after party - adrenaline city ! It is as bare as you dare. If you want to ride clothed, come along as you are ! Get some bling for your bike ! Bring some paints to share - if you have none others will. Bring bikes to share if you have them. So come even if you do not have a bike !

Meet at Peace Park as per usual from 10AM, and then proceed to the '(not really) secret paintup location'. Please try to be in a reasonable time span, as we have to prepare as well. We usually start the actual paint up at about 10.00, and ride at 1pm. The times are rubbery. Give yourself a lot of time, to get the best paint ! (You can ride without paint if you want as well.

Dont miss it !

Body painting

We will endeavour to protect the environment as much as we can. To further this, please consider bringing local river ochres for use as body paint if you can.

After ride party

There is an after ride get-together being organised for participants who have completed the ride. After the ride, we will return to the starting location to get cleaned up.

We expect to have some musicians to entertain us, and some food and drink. It will be easier if we bring our own goodies. We could possibly also get 'notdogs' or the like as well. The food will then be bought in town and taken to the party site. Beer consortiums could also be formed at this time, and a similar methods used. A little bit of planning here can make it a much nicer day.

The owners of our venue have agreed that the after-party can continue with the clothes-optional theme.

Yay !


We are not supplying alcohol - you are. Please keep the drinking etc until after the ride for a better time for all. Cycling while under the influence of alcohol can certainly get you arrested, and your driving license may be at risk.

What to bring

  • A bike in working order. If you have a bike in need of repair or do not have a bike please visit the Bicycle Recycling Network. A limited number of bikes will be available to borrow for the ride so it is best to avoid disappointment and bring your own. You can ride a scooter or skates if you want to because any form of human powered transport is OK.
  • You MUST have a proper bike helmet.
  • Bring your friends.
  • You need to arrive clothed. Seriously, some people have not done this.
  • You need decent shoes for cycling because you may hurt your feet otherwise.
  • You need somewhere to put your clothes while you are riding. A luggage rack on your bike, or panniers or a basket that you can put your bag with your clothes. Clothing is optional on the ride and you are perfectly welcome to ride clothed or naked or somewhere in between.
  • Apply sunscreen before the event.
  • River ochres for body painting to save the environment.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Bring some money for the after party or bring your own food and drink.

What not to bring

  • Alcohol or drugs. Ride in control and safe. Save your alcohol consumption for the after party.

Photography / Video Recording

The organisers have developed some guidelines around the taking of photos and video during this event. In developing these guidelines, our main consideration is the comfort and confidence of riders, as we want them to participate every year. No considerations shall be seen to be higher than this.


During the paint up stage before the ride itself, riders like to take pictures of each other. Before you take a photo or video of someone though we ask that you:

  • check with the person (or people) that it is okay to record their image
  • show them the photo / video after you have taken it to check they are happy with it.

If you are planning to put the pictures / video on the Web or in another publication, please do the right thing and tell your subject/s your intentions.

During The Ride

Open photography of the actual ride event with rider arrayed in their final glorious painted form should, in our opinion, be the chief vehicle for public consumption.

Obviously, when we are riding around town, there is no control over what images are taken.

By respecting each others levels of comfort with exposing our bodies and having our image recorded, everyone who comes on the ride can feel safe and have a great day.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is expected to have a ride next Sunday March 11 at 2pm 2012. Byron Bay is within commuting distance of Nimbin so keen participants are very welcome to ride in Nimbin.


Media enquiries for Nimbin: please contact Jacmul the WNBR Nimbin Organiser.

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2009 to 2011

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Nimbin 2012

Date: Saturday 3 March 2012
Time: 10:30 am
Location: Peace Park, Nimbin, NSW
For more information about the pre-ride planning, events and media see Nimbin 2012 page.

Nimbin 2011

Date: Saturday 5 March 2011
Time: 10:30 am
Location: Peace Park, Nimbin, NSW
For more information about the pre-ride planning, events and media see Nimbin 2011 page.

Nimbin 2010

Date: Saturday 6 March 2010
Time: 10:30 am
Location: Peace Park, central Nimbin
For more information about the pre-ride planning, events and media see Nimbin 2010 page.

Nimbin 2009

Date: Saturday 7 March 2009
Time: 10:30 am
Location: Peace Park, central Nimbin
For more information about the pre-ride planning, events and media see Nimbin 2009 page.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable througout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.


In July 2008 an Organiser volunteered to help make a WNBR happen in Nimbin on Saturday the 7th of March 2009. The Organiser has several associates who are helping and there is strong commitment to make the 2010 event even bigger. People interested in participating or helping organise the 2010 WNBR in Nimbin should join the discussion group, try to make contact with others with similar views and demonstrate some initiative. It will happen if you help make it happen! Please refer to the Organizing a ride page for more information about starting or restarting a ride.

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