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World Naked Bike Ride – Nudecastle 2010

Date: Sunday 14 March 2010
Time: 5pm
Location: Civic Park, opposite Newcastle Town Hall

Ride details

Newcastle will ride on Sunday the 14th March 2010. Assembly location is Civic Park, opposite the Newcastle Town Hall (the same as Critical Mass) and time is 5pm so please bring your bike lights.

It is usual practice that visitors from out-of-town can be helped with the loan of a bike on the day. Body painting is optional (though encouraged) so you can write slogans and protest messages that tell the public what the ride is about. Peace signs, hearts and flowers are always in theme. Body painting will place at a secret private location and this works well. The ride will include a party (before or after the ride) at a venue to be determined which will feature music, BBQ and vegan food and beer.

The official Southern Hemisphere World Naked Bike Ride date is Saturday the 13th of March 2010 and Sydney will ride on that date. Keen riders could participate in both cities.


If you would like to volunteer to help with publicity, media, party organisation or other roles that help make the ride a success, please come along to the Planning Meetings. Please come along with your ideas.

The Planning Meeting Dinners are organised from time to time and usually take place in a friendly pub.

You can also participate in planning decisions by joining the WNBR Newcastle Yahoo! Group. Less formal discussion and planning also happens at monthly Newcastle Critical Mass bike rides or as advised.

Ride location and how to get there

The assembly place is Civic Park, opposite the Newcastle Town Hall which is convenient for riders who travel to the event by bike or by bike and train. The closest Station is CIVIC. Please do not drive to the event because it will create greenhouse gases and contradicts the purpose of the event. Please ride your bike to the assembly place or take the train if it is too far for you to ride. CityRail allows passengers to take their bikes on the train.
Here is a map and street view of the assembly place. Here is the view of the Town Hall from the assembly place.

CityRail Timetables

Hunter Line
Newcastle & Central Coast Line

How to participate

Sydney rides on Saturday the 13th of March 2010. Sydney is within commuting distance of Newcastle so keen participants can ride in both of these places.

Please read the following information first. This page is the most important source of information on WNBR Newcastle.
After this page you can follow the links in other sections of this page for rpeorts of how the ride went in previous years and things that interest you and have a look at WNBR Australia (official site).

What to bring

  • A bike in working order. If you have a bike in need of repair or do not have a bike please visit the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre .You can ride a scooter or skates if you want to because any form of human powered transport is OK.
  • You MUST have a proper bike helmet.
  • You MUST have bike lights, front and rear.
  • Bring a bike lock.
  • Bring your friends.
  • You need to arrive clothed. Seriously, some people have not done this.
  • You need decent shoes for cycling because you may hurt your feet otherwise.
  • You need somewhere to put your clothes while you are riding. A luggage rack on your bike, or panniers or a basket that you can put your bag with your clothes. Clothing is optional on the ride and you are perfectly welcome to ride clothed or naked or somewhere in between.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Bring some money for the party.

What not to bring

  • Alcohol or drugs. Ride in control and safe. There will be alcohol available at the after party.

In months before the ride

It may seem like things are quiet between World Naked Bike Rides but the Newcastle organisers are working now to make the WNBR Nudecastle 2010 enjoyable for everyone. In the lead-up to the WNBR there are many other community grassroots events in Newcastle that are of interest to Naturists, Biketivists, Pacifists and Environmentalists. Have a look at the links to organisations that endorse the WNBR in Newcastle (see Newcastle#Endorsement below) and Australia and you will find something that will inspire your passion for expressing yourself for the benefit of the planet. All the organisations that endorse WNBR are friendly though our closest ally is Critical Mass (see Newcastle#Critical_Mass below). WNBR Nudecastle encourages everyone interested in participating in WNBR to also participate in Critical Mass.

Get a bike

Do you need a bike? Are you broke? Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre has going bikes from $5 to $50 or you can fix an old bike for yourself for FREE! Volunteers & bike/part donations welcome. Open most Fridays and Saturdays 9am to 5pm, 106 Robert St Islington, phone 49616582.

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre poster

Getting email updates before the ride

If you want to have emails sent to you with details of pre-ride events, reminders of the WNBR Nudecastle time and start location, or discuss any apects of the upcoming ride: you need to join the discussion group (see Newcastle#Discussion_group.2Fs below). If you have not got a Yahoo! account, you can set one up for free in about 5 minutes. You can use your existing email account or get a Yahoo! email account for free. You can set the email account up using a nickname if you want to as well. The management of Yahoo! have classified the discussion group as "adults only" but only because they are puritanical prudes who do not know the difference between the human body and pornography. WNBR is nothing to do with pornography so do not worry.


You do not have to register, pay money, sign anything or give your personal details to anyone. There are suggestions on the international pages of WNBR websites that say you should complete the on-line registration process. This is NOT mandatory for the WNBR Nudecastle. Vetted media people will attend the WNBR Nudecastle 2010 to photograph and video the event so if you have any concerns about this you should consider painting your face, wearing a novel mask or big dark sunglasses to preserve your anonymity.


The laws that are relevant to public nudity in New South Wales are applicable througout the state. For discussion of this topic, please refer to the separate page about New South Wales Laws.

Women’s Support Woman

Christabel has volunteered for the role of Women’s Support Woman for WNBR Nudecastle. The Women’s Support Woman (WSW) role is to offer special support to women who have any concerns about their participation or potential participation in the event. The WSW will be attending the whole of the event and will be available to help all women participants. The WSW will be making a special effort to ensure that female participants feel comfortable while being a mentor. If you wish to assist in this role or would like to ask any relevant questions, please approach Christabel before the ride.


Media enquiries for Newcastle: please contact Marte Kinder the WNBR Newcastle Organiser.

Please think ahead if you want to have a media presence on the day of the WNBR Nudecastle and contact Marte well ahead of time because your involvement will need vetting.

Media coverage

Add 2010 media reports here.

Publicity: flyers, posters, images etc



These are the current flyer, poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Newcastle 2010 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them.


Black and White

These are the current colour in flyer/poster and colour in BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Newcastle 2010 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?



Sydney and Nudecastle combined flyer / poster


These are the current flyer, poster and BIG POSTER to be used for the WNBR Australia 2010 to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them. Why not colour one in and stick it to your refrigerator?


Critical Mass

Critical Mass Newcastle and the World Naked Bike Ride endorse and participate in all events held under both names in Newcastle. Critical Mass ride on the first Friday of every month and starts from Civic Park, opposite Newcastle Town Hall. Assemble at 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start. Ride Daily! Celebrate Monthly!

For more information on Critical Mass see: Critical Mass World Information , Critical Mass Australiaor Newcastle Critical Mass Discussion Group or email Daniel on newcastlecriticalmass{at}

Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan

World Naked Bike Ride Newcastle supports and endorses the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan motion submitted to Newcastle City Council for consideration on 17 February 2009 by Micheal Osborne of the Newcastle Greens.

Other Upcoming Events where WNBR Newcastle will participate

Newcastle Uni Bike Users Group


NUSA Environment Collective - Revolutionary Couch Potatoes

hosts the World Naked Bike Ride Film Night,

  • Time: 5pm
  • Date: Thursday 11 March 2010
  • Place: Newcastle University Students Association (NUSA)
  • Link to Facebook event
Flyer / Poster

Very few people will have seen these films before and they are all uplifting and inspiring. If you love biketivism, environmentalism, pacifism or naturism these films are something you must see.
Productions on the programme include:

  • World Naked Bike Ride, The Documentary by High Altitude Films from the UK about the WNBR London in 2004 and 2005 (this film was selected as a finalist in the Wildscreen International Film Festival 2006).
  • Indecent Exposure to Cars: The Story of the World Naked Bike Ride! by Conrad Schmidt. Ragtag Productions, 2007. 60 minute feature length film tells the story of WNBR and features footage of many of the WNBRs held around the world plus interviews with many prominent coordinators and organisers.
  • Along for the ride a no_e production. Shot and edited by Yasmin Bright. 10min short documentary film about the WNBR Nudecastle 2007. Winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2007 Cultural Stomp.
  • Various short films documenting the first Brighton and Hove UK WNBR in 2006. There are about a dozen of these.
  • Cycle Activists of Newcastle Australia by Rowanmacs Photography and Novacast. A 30min film documenting bike activism (including Critical Mass, WNBR and the White Bicycle Project) in Newcastle and the fight to save the rail.
  • Painted Cyclists, 2004 Fremont Solstice Ride shot and edited by Jimmy and Elizabeth, still photos by John Cornicello.
  • Naked and Painted: Solstice Riders 2003 Shindig Productions in association with Freecycles Propoganda. Shot by Master Ken Martin, The Amazing Steve, Jimmy Cleary. Edited by Jimmy Cleary.
  • Other WNBR and Biketivism films and there are too many to list here

NUSA Environment Collective - Ride a Bike Campaign

The Newcastle University Students' Association, Enviro Collective is the student environmental group on The University of Newcastle campus. In mid 2009 the Enviro Collective began the Ride a Bike Campaign to encourage bike use over car use among the Uni community. Riding a bike has minimal environmental impact, does not produce green house gasses or toxic emissions, does not produce noise pollution, is far cheaper than driving a car and it is easier to find somewhere to park your bike. Parking on campus for a year costs more than the price of many new bikes and decent second hand models.

Bike Love Corral

The Bike Love Corral details are:

  • Time: 10am to 4pm
  • Date: Every Thursday During Semester
  • Place: Outside the NUSA Building (around the corner a bit or maybe on the back verandah if it rains).

This is the current flyer / poster, to be used for the Bike Love Corral at NUSA to help promote participation. Please print these and stick them up where people will see them.

Flyer / Poster

Uni Ride to Work Day 2009, Bike Love Corral Bike Bus

Ride to Work Day 2009. Have fun and ride in safety with a visible group of cyclists along Newcastle’s East – West Cycleway from Nobbys Beach to The University of Newcastle for a free breakfast.

Organised by the Bike Love Corral as part of The University of Newcastle Ride to Work Day in association with the Newcastle University Students' Association (NUSA), Enviro Collective, Ride a Bike Campaign.

Date: Wednesday 14 Oct 2009
Place: Assemble at the Nobbys Beach picnic pavilion, Newcastle East.
Bring: Your bike, helmet, a bottle of water and wet weather gear (just in case it rains).
Free breakfast: Registering your participation is required for the free breakfast on the Ride to Work Day 2009 website:

Timetable (Follow link for map)

  • 7:30 AM Start: Nobbys Beach picnic pavilion, Newcastle East
  • 7:40 AM Stop and pick-up at Civic Park opposite the Town Hall, King St Newcastle (left hand side of Street when heading West)
  • 7:47 AM Stop and pick-up at Hunter institute of Technology, Hamilton Campus, Parry St (Corner of Wood St), Newcastle West on the left hand side of Street, at Traffic lights when heading West along Parry St.
  • 7:52 AM Stop and pick-up at Corner of Beaumont and Donald Sts, Hamilton on the left hand side of Street, at Traffic lights when heading West along Donald St.
  • 8:00 AM Stop and pick-up at the Cycleway next to the stormwater drain, between the hockey fields and Energy Australia Stadium on Turton Road, Broadmeadow
  • 8:07 AM Stop and pick-up at the beginning of off road cycleway, Corner of Croudace and Howe Streets, Lambton
  • 8:12 AM Stop and pick-up at the Pedestrian and Cycleway traffic lights, Newcastle Road, opposite Jesmond Park, Jesmond
  • 8:20 AM Stop and pick-up at Western Entrance of The University of Newcastle, University Drive, Callaghan
  • 8:30 AM Finish at The Forum Sports and Aquatic Centre, The University of Newcastle


This Is Not Art

01 to 05 October 2009
Newcastle, Australia
Independent, emerging and experimental arts festival.
It's the five days of the year where you get to meet and collaborate with fellow creatives, share your ideas, passions and skills, showcase your work, and reinvigorate your practice at the nation's most inspiring party!

This Is Not Art - innovating, developing and showcasing emerging art and new media forms.

This Is Not Art festival is an annual extravaganza which includes; workshops, panels, performances, speakers, special events and exhibitions that challenge ideas about making art, making culture and making noise.

Throw in some experimental indy theatre performances, artist networking, industry exposés, and a some ripe social & political cheekiness, and you have a rough idea of what This Is Not Art Festival has become - the largest and most diverse annual media and arts festival in Australia.

The groups that will come together to program the 2009 This Is Not Art festival include:

Bike Love Corral

Bike Love Corral is a This Is Not Art "Special Event".
We love push bikes and will provide the bike, accessories, activities and fun for FREE! Bikes are the easy, cheap, enviro friendly way to get around town and connect with our community. All day: Bike fixing and traffic skills workshops. Help fix / check your own bike OR choose one to help fix and keep. Buy or borrow bikes from the Newcastle Community Bike Library. Bike Activism workshops on Bike User Groups, Bike Co-op models, Critical Mass & World Naked Bike Ride.

Newcastle Community Bike Library
Buy or borrow bikes, helmets, locks and lights (cheap deposit applies).
Pre-register to borrow a bike: email Dan newcastlecriticalmass(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au by 20 Sept. These must be picked up from NBEC by or on 1st Oct. More bikes available each day at the Corral in Civic Park.

  • Location: Civic Park
  • Days: Thursday - Monday
  • Times: 11.00 to 16.00

Bike activist groups supporting the Corral have special events each day in Civic Park:

Critical Mass - Friday
Global Ride Celebrating Cycling. Assert our right to ride on roads and not in the car door death lane.
Start Civic Park 18.00. Bike decorating from 16.00 to 18.00

World Naked Bike Ride - Saturday
Peacefully expose the vulnerability of cyclists, humanity and nature in the face of cars, aggression, consumerism and non-renewable energy. Oz rides in March.
Semi-naked promotional ride (wear at least minimums): Start Civic Park 17.00. Body painting from 11.00 to 17.00

Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre - Sunday
Community volunteer bike help concept offering free bikes / help all year round Fri / Sat at Islington
Community Bike Re-use Workshop 2-3pm,

Newcastle Cycleways Movement Inc. - Monday
Work with Government bodies to improve bicycle facilities in the greater Newcastle Area. Its aims are to promote the safe responsible use of bicycles for transport, leisure and fitness. Members get bike riding insurance, discounts, rides, legal advice, and more.
How to lobby govt. workshop: 2 – 3pm

Flyer / Poster

Planning Meeting Dinner

Flyer for the WNBR Newcastle Planning Meeting Dinner

A WNBR Plannning Meeting Dinner will be held on Friday the 7th of August 2009 on the coat tails of the Critical Mass bike ride held that same evening. The Critical Mass bike ride assembles at Civic Park, opposite the Newcastle Town Hall at 5:30pm for a 6pm start. The ride will take about an hour and lead riders to the Premier Hotel, 1 Brunker Road (the Nine Ways), Broadmeadow at 7pm. Please try to come on the bike ride if at all possible because it is a fun team building event and is very similar to WNBR apart from being clothed. A selection of beverages and meals are available on the menu including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Decisions that need to be made include the ride time, assembly place, route, location of the painting place and party. Please come along with your ideas. If you would like to volunteer to help with publicity, media, party organisation or other roles that help make the ride a success, please come along to the Planning meetings.

The Planning Meeting Dinner is one of the formal planning meetings organised from time to time and usually take place in a friendly pub.

Cultural Stomp

Civic Park, Newcastle on Saturday June 6 2009 from 9 am to 6 pm
Exploring the theme of "Be The Change".

The Bike Corral

Be the change you want to see in the world by RIDING A BIKE. It is the fun environmentally sustainable way to transport you, your family and things. Get there without noise, air pollution or climate changing, green house gasses. Foster fitness and friendlier, gentler community spaces rather than competitive, angry, fat, lazy, egotist car culture.

The Bike Corral consists of these Sustainable Bike Culture Activism groups in Newcastle :

  • Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre

Come and help make your bike safe, learn to fix bikes, learn cycling skills (to stop getting annoyed by cars), fix a pre-loved bike, donate bikes/parts or get parts: all these for FREE. Also buy or borrow a bike from the bike library. Fridays & Saturdays 9-5. 106 Robert St, Islington 2296 phone 49 616 582. Advocacy, Newsletters & more!

  • Critical Mass

Global monthly bicycle ride to Celebrate & Promote Cycling. Assert your right to use a whole lane safely because the bike “lanes” are legally too narrow. Meet at Civic Park, Newcastle 5:30pm for 6:00pm ride on the 1st Friday of every month.

  • World Naked Bike Ride

Peacefully expose the vulnerability of cyclists, humanity and nature in the face of cars, aggression, consumerism and non-renewable energy. Australian rides are held in March every year.

  • Newcastle Cycleways Movement Inc.

Work with Government bodies to improve bicycle facilities & promote the safe responsible use of bicycles for transport, leisure and fitness. Rides, insurance, newsletters, discounts, legal advice, and more.


2010 Ride report

17 riders took part. No police attended the assembly area or tried to contact organisers prior to the event. One traffic policeman asked what we were doing. No arrests.