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Don't forget your sunscreen!

That's all you'll need to wear!

Oil independence and body acceptance are the big ideas, and we plan to embrace them across a good distance of the city.

Keep an eye on this site for details. Right now we're planning to roll out at 11:00 AM, with coffee and socializing before that.

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Next ride

Date: June 16, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: TBA

We are scheduled for one week after the Chicago ride, to avoid conflict for those who might like to participate in both.



All right, it wasn't bigger and nuder, but it was pretty darn good. We had as many as 67 riders, with over 50% fully nude. These stats were down from last year, but not too disappointing given that nobody knew exactly what to expect from the Madison Police Department. They had announced that they would take the same position as last year, which to me meant that they would probably shut us down sooner and more efficiently. So I was actually a little depressed when I gave the signal to start, feeling as if I were leading the lambs to the slaughter.

We left right at 11:00 AM, June 18, under scattered clouds with a temperature of 76 degrees. It all went surprisingly smoothly. We did the whole route, just a little under ten miles, without incident of any kind. We were resoundingly well received by thousands of onlookers at our three major targets, State Street, Capitol Square (during the Dane County Farmers' Market), and the UW Memorial Union Terrace. There were also lots of motorists honking their approval along the way. We made the loop back to our starting point and had a great celebration with champagne and beer.

But that was when the police arrived. They said they had a complaint (according to the video I saw, just one!), and needed to take action, so they asked for a volunteer to be ticketed. The man who raised his hand was someone I knew, who in fact had told me during the ride that he was hoping to get ticketed. We are not sure what his agenda is, but we are confident that he will contest the charge and win. Of the ten riders who received a total of eleven tickets last year, there are still seven whose cases have yet to be resolved, and we are optimistic about those too [All pending charges were dismissed as of early August, 2011.].

So as well as it all went, we are very enthusiastic about planning for 2012.


Wisconsin's first-ever World Naked Bike Ride started shortly after 11:00 AM, June 19, 2010, under a mostly sunny sky and a temperature of 77 degrees. The mood was decidedly joyous and festive. Peak participation is estimated at 115 (take that, Los Angeles!), with about 80 percent fully nude. Most were from Madison and nearby, but there were some from Milwaukee and environs, and a significant contingent from the Chicago area.

Police had been invited, and their presence was felt throughout. For the most part, they were kind, courteous, and helpful. However, about a third of the way into the 11-mile route, between seven and ten riders were stopped and ticketed for disorderly conduct (ordinance violation). It is worth pointing out that this is about the least infraction with which the police could charge us, not a crime, but more like a parking or jaywalking ticket. It didn't come as a big surprise, as we had been given a somewhat vague warning shortly before. I was among those cited, as was a female on the organizing committee. The majority of those cited were female. All are encouraged to contest it in court.

So the ride continued, minimally clothed. I was able to catch up, as I think others also were. My spirits were dampened a bit at having to wear briefs, but we finished the route in a celebratory fashion, with many continuing to celebrate with a Champagne toast and lots of beer. Others chose to head out to Mazo Beach (the local nude beach).

It was gratifying to see how well everything fell into place. Aside from the arrests and subsequently having to dress, it was just perfect. The consensus was, of course, that we need to do it again next year. And we will, but bigger, louder, and nuder.



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