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Date: Saturday 10 March 2012
Time: 3pm (Riders arrive at 2.30pm for body painting and organisation)
Location: Tarakohe Cement Works, Pohara, Golden Bay, New Zealand


Golden Bay Poster 2012

Ride reports


Be sure to join us for our upcoming ride Saturday 10 March . It's lots of fun with lots of support from the community and best of all it's TOTALLY LEGAL!!


Two more great bike rides. See the media coverage below.


Golden Bay Naked Bike Ride, 14 March 2009

Another successful ride. Thanks to all the great participants and to all those who came out to cheer them on.


Golden Bay Naked Bike Ride, 8 March 2008

Congratulations Golden Bay. We had the biggest turn out ever this year. With over 100 participants, many of them au natural, Golden Bay residents welcomed those who came from all over New Zealand and the world to uniquely express their poignant messages to preserve our fragile environment. Some came draped in costumes and some came nude. Some were fat and some were thin. Some were old and some were just born. Some rode bicycles of all makes and models, some walked barefoot. Yet we all had one thing in common: To bear witness to the impact our oil driven society is having on us and to the alternatives that could save us.

And we weren't alone. There were heaps of roadside supporters, clapping and cheering us on. One on-looker joined in and one motorist even took off her top in sympathy.

The 3 km ride has in the past been attended by the local police who have controlled traffic and acted as an escort. They also would give the obligatory speech that New Zealand law requires cyclists to wear a helmet at all times - even when otherwise totally nude. Sadly, this year they did not participate.

After the ride at the Totally Roasted Cafe in Pohara, prizes were awarded to some 15 lucky participants who competed in various quirky categories ranging from 'the squishiest bum' to 'the best posture.' 2 nights accommodation to a whole smoked salmon were just part of the winnings. Local businesses had donated all of the enviable prizes in support of our cause.

After the ride and ceremony, four riders continued to carry the message by cycling nude the 11 highway kms back to the town of Takaka.

What an enjoyable day! And the world became a little better with more of us realising that all types of people can pick up a bicycle and do a bit towards saving our environment. Biofuel from the world's food crops should go to feeding our cycling legs and not go to be wasted on transporting a couple of tons of metal down a highway.

See you next year.

Victoria Davis, Ride Co-ordinator

Paul Woodward, Avid Cyclist

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Golden Bay WNBR Preparation
Golden Bay WNBR Sign
Golden Bay WNBR Ride
Golden Bay WNBR Ride
Golden Bay WNBR Preparation

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