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Next ride

Date: Saturday 5th March 2016
Time: 9:45am meet at Sea Point Library car park for a 10am start
Location: Central Cape Town

Join the World Naked Bike Ride - Cape Town


The Route

Meet at Sea Point Library car park at 9:45am. Start riding at 10am. The route will go down the fan walk, right onto Long Street, up onto Bree street, back along to the fan walk and finish back at Sea Point Library.

WNBRCT 2015.jpg


A peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture. A celebration of the bicycle and also a celebration of the power and individuality of the human body. A symbol of the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic. The world's biggest naked protest: 50+ cities and thousands of riders participate worldwide.

  • We welcome positive publicity!


7th World Naked Bike Ride - Cape Town...!!

      • Saturday 5th of March 2016***

Join the Cape Town chapter of the World Naked Bike Ride! Come AS BARE AS YOU DARE

      • Riding to MAKE CYCLING SAFER***

The ride will start at 10am, so please get to the start point a little bit earlier so you can get yourself ready and don't get left behind!

Clothing is optional: The dress code for the World Naked Bike Ride is "Bare As You Dare"! YOU get to decide how naked you wish to be. If that means completely naked, or completely clothed, the decision is yours...

This ride is not about nudity - it's about joining in a world wide campaign/protest for the environment: we ride to raise awareness about the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and to MAKE CYCLING SAFER!

What if I don't have a bike?

There are loads of places to rent bikes in Cape Town:

BEN bikes are also happy to make as many bikes available as possible – but you need to pick the bike up from them in Marina de Gama. You just need a copy of your ID and a R50 charge (you can keep the bike from Friday to Monday).

Contact Andrew at Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN)

  • email:
  • +27 825989178 (cell/mob); +27 217884174 (w)

Media coverage

  • Yes please, as long as it's nice!


World Naked Bike Ride CPT 2015s.jpg






Public nudity is officially against the law in South Africa; the organisers of the CTNBR do not take responsibility for anyone's actions. It is up to each individual to make an informed decision on what position they want to take.


Discussion group/s

  • Please get in touch if you want to get involved


For more info on the Cape Town ride please check out our facebook page:

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