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2007 dates

The main Southern Hemisphere ride date is Saturday 10 March 2007.

In order to help encourage as many cities as possible to attend this event there will be two primary ride dates for the Northern Hemisphere ride in 2007: Saturday 9 June and Saturday 30 June 2007.

Since this is an international event with the goal of being as inclusive as possible this website will help promote all WNBR rides regardless of the date a particular country or city chooses to ride on. However, ride locations are strongly encouraged to choose dates that are on, or as close as possible to, the agreed dates. This helps builds solidarity and creates a strong media presence.

Rides must also abide by some very simple requirements.


London and Brighton_&_Hove have decided to ride on 9 June 2007. Manchester, York and Southampton will ride Friday night 8 June 2007.


Miami Beach is riding on both 10 March, 2007 and 9 June 2007.


Paris has decided to ride on 9 June 2007.


Belgium rides on 30 June 2007.


Seattle has some conflicts that it needs to consider for scheduling. Seattle is currently set for its main ride on Sat, 14 July 2007' and a night ride on Sat, 30 June 2007. See info at Seattle#2007_date_scheduling

Washington, DC

Washington, DC riding on 9 june 2007 All Info on Washington, DC Page!

Mexico City

Mexico City riding for the 2nd time on 9 june 2007 All Info on Mexico, City Page!

Regional considerations

Warm enough?

Early June is a little too cold and unpredictable in terms of rainy and windy days for many North American cities (brrr), except in Miami.

Both Ottawa and Chicago got frozen out in 2006. It also normally rains in the early part of June in Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.

June 7, 2008? What happened with the second Saturday of June; June 14, 2008? In Ontario, it's a bit warmer by then. Around June 30 is a busy time in Canada with Canada Day celebrations the next day. Yes, WNBR - Toronto was a bit cool for 2006, but we endured.

That is why we will be adding a second ride date on about 30 June [2006/2007?], or close to then. If you think this date is still not warm enough, or it conflicts with another major event please email me at vancouver@worldnakedride.org. We would still like to keep all the rides as close together as possible.

If we are going to get all six billion people participating in WNBR we need to accommodate as many cities as possible.

London, UK

MSN Weather: London shows that the driest months in London are March (good for a Southern hemisphere solidarity ride!) and July. The hottest are July and August. --Nsayers 09:01, 5 Jul 2006 (PDT)